Destiny 2: How to Use Hammer of Proving

Destiny 2 Hammer of Proving

The Hammer of Proving is a tool used in Destiny 2 to open chests in Battlegrounds missions as well as a source of Hammer Charges for creating Focused Umbral Mods.

To obtain the Hammer of Proving, you will need to have access to H.E.L.M. which is now much easier after the Season of The Splicer update.

The Hammer of Proving provides players with the means to obtain several of the Season of the Chosen items and even get specific roles with gear.

How to Unlock Hammer of Proving?

The Hammer of Proving can be unlocked once you take up the first step you receive at H.E.L.M. and will be obtainable after completing it.

Following the Challenger’s Proving quests will allow you to obtain, upgrade and get more rewards with the Hammer of Proving.

You can get the Challenger’s Proving quests from the War Table and may continue along with the quests while also upgrading it.

How To Get Hammer of Proving Charges?

To get a Hammer of Proving Charge, you will need to use the Hammer of Proving to smash a Tribute Chest at the end of a Battlegrounds mission.

Before you will be able to use the Hammer of Proving in the Battlegrounds mission, you will have to equip it with a mod that will give specific rewards, namely a Hammer Charge and more.

To craft the mods that are needed to allow the Hammer of Proving to be used in Battleground missions, you will need Cabal Gold.

How To Get Cabal Gold?

Cabal Gold can be obtained by doing various activities or missions in Destiny 2, some of them include the following:

  • Blind Well
  • Crucible
  • Dungeons
  • Gambit
  • Nightmare Hunts
  • Nightfall Strikes
  • Public Events
  • Raids
  • Strikes

The harder the activity you do, the more Cabal Gold that you may be rewarded with at the end of the mission.

You can also obtain Cabal Gold when you destroy a Tribute Chest when you have the Tribute Chest enhancements.

Using the Hammer of Proving

To use the Hammer of Proving, you will first need to head to your Quests tab and use Cabal Gold to equip a Hammer Mod.

Once you have equipped a Hammer Mod of your choice, you will need to do a Battlegrounds mission of your choosing.

At the end of a Battlegrounds mission, there will be chests that appear for each player to use their Hammer of Proving on.

Simply head to one of the chests and interact with it to use your Hammer of Proving to destroy it and obtain rewards, including Hammer Charges.

Upgrading Hammer of Proving

Upgrading your Hammer of Proving can provide you with several benefits and this makes it more rewarding when you use it at the end of Battlegrounds missions.

The following are the Hammer of Proving Enhancements:

Enhancement Tier I

  • Proving Rune I – Learn to make proving rune that provides a chance to earn additional glimmer)
  • Challenger Medallion I – Learn to make challenger rune that increases charge capacity until focusing an Umbral Engram
  • Red Legion Chest I – Opening Red Legion chests will have a chance to drop Season of the Chosen Gear
  • Tribute Chest I – Smashing chests in Battleground Playlists will reward you with 1 Cabal Gold
  • Hammer Charge I – Increases the number of Hammer Charges that your Hammer of Proving can hold from 3 to 5
  • Cabal Gold I – Increases the maximum amount of Cabal Gold you can hold from 42 to 56
  • Mission Focus I – A random Season of the Chosen Focused Umbral Engram will be rewarded each week when smashing a Tribute Chest

Enhancement Tier II

  • Proving Rune II – Unlocks Proving Rune with a chance to reward Cabal Gold and adds slot on Hammer of Proving
  • Challenger Medallion II – New Challenger Medallion is learned which also gives a chance to earn random focused Season of the Chosen Umbral Engram
  • Red Legion Chest II – Chance to earn Season of the Chosen gear increased
  • Tribute Chest II – Gain a chance to earn additional Season 13 gear when smashing a Tribute Chest
  • Hammer Charge II – Increase Hammer of Proving charge capacity from 5 to 7
  • Cabal Gold II – Cabal Gold capacity increases from 56 to 70
  • Mission Focus II – Each week, a second smashed Tribute Chest will reward you with a Season of the Chosen Focused Umbral Engram

Enhancement Tier III

  • Proving Rune III – Learn new Proving Rune that gives a chance to acquire an additional Hammer Charge when smashing Tribute Chest in Battlegrounds Playlist
  • Challenger Medallion III – Learn to make a Challenger Medallion that provides an additional Hammer Charge at the cost of more Cabal Gold
  • Red Legion Chest III – Chance to earn random Season 13 from chests increased
  • Tribute Chest III – Smashing Tribute Chests grant 2 Cabal Gold
  • Hammer Charge III – Increases Hammer of Proving charges from 7 to 10
  • Cabal Gold III – Cabal Gold capacity is increased from 70 to 84
  • Mission Focus III – Each week, a third smashed Tribute Chest will reward you with a random Season 13 Focused Umbral Engram

You can upgrade the Hammer of Proving with these enhancements at the War Table at H.E.L.M. 

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The Hammer of Proving is an easy and efficient way of farming Legendary Season 13 gear and the more you use it, the easier it gets.

Simply farm Cabal Gold, Insert A Mod and Smash a Battlegrounds Chest at the end of the mission and use the Hammer Charges to make your Focused Umbral Engram.

Players can still use the Hammer of Proving and create gear from Season 13 if they prefer to do so, providing them with Season of the Chosen gear.

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