Destiny 2: Ether Farming Guide

Destiny 2 Ether Farming

Season of the Splicer has brought a lot of juicy rewards to those who have delved into the Vex networks to collect Decrypted Data but there is the need for a special resource to do this.

Ether is a material needed to craft Key Codes that go into your Splicer Gauntlet, allowing you to use them later on during missions where Conflux Chets exist, such as Override missions.

While it says ingame that you get it by defeating enemies and others keep saying just go around killing enemies, there is more to it when it comes to how to farm Ether in Destiny 2.

That is why we have put together a more thorough explanation and better tips to help you farm Ether fast.

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How To Get Ether

Ether is a somewhat kind of essence which is needed to craft Key Codes and while it was initially known to be dropped by Fallen enemies, you can get this by killing anything.

Although killing enemies will give you a small chance to get Ether, there are more ways which include:

Farming Open World Enemies

If you are familiar with some of the spots where enemies will continue to spawn, then you could resort to some open-world farming but this does not guarantee a high amount, especially without Ether collecting upgrades.

Grinding Lost Sectors

Some Lost Sectors have a lot of enemies and can be repeated to continuously spawn in and defeat enemies and bosses to get both Ether and loot.

Completing Activities

Activities are important and this is the best way to get Ether as you get it from killing enemies as well as at the end of the activities such as Gambit, Crucible, doing Public Events, and more.

Gambit, Gambit and More Gambit

Gambit is probably one of the best methods for obtaining Ether and this has been similar to Cabal Gold farming back with the Hammer of Proving.

You can fill up a ton of Ether with a single match and quickly fill up your Splicer Gauntlet with a few matches, guaranteed to be one of the best ways to farm Ether.

Ether Use

Ether is mainly used for crafting Key Codes and these are used later on to open Conflux Chests, like the ones that you find at the end of Override missions.

This allows you to collect Decrypted Data along with other rewards that are well deserved after the missions you carry out.

Without a constant supply of Ether, it will be difficult for you to grind the specific Season of the Splicer gear that way.

It is best to stick to activities, such as Gambit matches while you don’t have any Ether boosting upgrades but even with them, Gambit matches would still be better and more rewarding.

Tips For Farming Ether

Use weapons that can clear enemies quickly or attack with an area of an effect to destroy groups for faster kill farming, leading to more Ether.

Using abilities that can clear out enemies makes farming Ether faster since you can clear enemies out to move to another area or to wait for them to respawn.

It is best to focus on upgrading first before trying to farm for the other late-game Focused Umbral Engrams, so you can make them in bulk.


Ether is an important material you need when farming endgame gear with specific stats or rolls from Season of the Splicer.

The faster you can kill enemies or complete activities, the faster you get Ether which can be used to make Key Codes.

Without Ether, you will be unable to progress quickly or at all when it comes to your Splicer Gauntlet and its further rewards.

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