Destiny 2: Path of The Splicer 2 Quest

Path of The Splicer II Quest

The Path of the Splicer II Quest is another quest from Splicer Servitor, this time asking you to obtain more data after previously collecting it.

As its people are still adjusting to life in The City, Mithrax is pleased that you are aiding in every way that you can.

Your task will be to prepare your Splicer Gauntlet and use it to obtain more data to be given to Splicer Servitor to further understand the Endless Night.

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Quest Steps

Charge Gauntlet With Either

You will need to collect enough Ether that you can use to craft a Key Code to proceed with doing another override mission.

Create Key Code

After collecting at least 50 Ether, you should be able to craft another Key Code and it will automatically go into your Splicer Gauntlet.

You can find the Splicer Gauntlet in the quests tab and may select it to open its options to create the Key Code.

Complete Override Mission

Your next task will be to begin and complete an Override mission, queuing you to join up with a team to finish it together.

You will be able to complete this step regardless of which Override mission is completed, as long as you start one and finish it after this step is revealed.

Travel To H.E.L.M. to Meet With Mithrax

Your next objective will be to head back to H.E.L.M. where you are supposed to report back to Mithrax but things are different as you arrive.

There will be an argument between Mithrax and Saint-14, which appears to be about resources but later on, all is settled.

Speak With Mithrax

After witnessing the argument, head over to the Splicer Servitor and you will be able to end the quest, opening up the Path of the Splicer III for taking.

Path of the Splicer II Rewards

Upon completion of the Path of The Splicer II, you will be able to collect an Umbral Engram from the Splicer Servitor.

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