Destiny 2: Path of The Splicer 3 Quest

Destiny 2 Path of The Splicer III Quest

After obtaining data once again, you speak with Mithrax who opens up about his alliance with Lakshmi-2 as well as Osiris’ order to share the data that has been worked on.

Mithrax has agreed and is now showing even more good intentions towards working together to get rid of the Endless Night.

Once again the Splicer Servitor requests that you obtain data but this time, there is more to be uncovered and discoveries to be made.

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Quest Steps

Gather Either For Key Code

Once again you will need to create a Key Code so that you can collect more data during an Override mission.

It’s better to do activities such as Gambit to easily get Ether faster which may allow you to even make more Key Codes.

Craft Key Code For Splicer Gauntlet

With enough Ether to create a Key Code, head to your quests tab and create it to proceed to the next quest step.

Complete An Override Mission

You will need to do another Override mission similar to the other Path of the Splicer quests and use your Key Code to unlock a Conflux Chest.

It does not matter which Override mission you do as long as you complete it and use your Key Code to open a Conflux Chest.

Interact With Splicer Servitor in H.E.L.M.

Upon completion of the Override mission, head back to the Splicer Servitor and you will be able to unlock Expunge missions.

Complete Expunge: Labyrinth

Since you have unlocked Expunge, you will be able to proceed with the next quest step, which is to complete an Expunge mission.

Head over to your destinations tab and access the Expunge mission as you would with other missions such as strikes, which can also be started from your destinations tab.

Speak With Mithrax Through Splicer Servitor

Talk to the Splicer Servitor so that you can speak to Mithrax and he will explain how the enemy is unpredictable and there is more to discover.

You will be told that there is more for you to do inside their network as you need to destroy what is within and at this point the quest is complete.

Path of the Splicer III Rewards

Just like with the previous Path of the Splicer quest, you will be rewarded with an Umbral Engram at the end of the quest.

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