Destiny 2: Path of The Splicer 4 Quest

Your previous return has brought about more discoveries but time is running out and the Endless Night is getting worse.

The remaining Eliksni are having a hard time starting a new life where they have camped but Mithrax has hopes for the better.

Once again you must delve further into the Vex network and discover a way to put an end to the Endless Night before it consumes everyone.

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Quest StepsDestiny 2 Path of The Splicer IV Quest

Charge Gauntlet With Ether

You will need to collect Ether so that you can create a Key Code to be used in your next Override mission.

Use Ether To Create Key Code

Once again you will need to craft a Key Code by accessing the Splicer Gauntlet which is located in the quests tab.

Complete an Override Mission

More data is required and you will have to do another Override mission to collect the next batch to be forwarded to Mithrax.

The same Override mission may be played during all of your Path of the Splicer quests.

Complete the Expunge: Styx on the Moon

Another Expunge needs to be completed to penetrate the Vex network even more to discover more about what can be done about the Endless Night.

Speak With Ikora Rey

After completing your Expunge mission, travel to the Bazaar and head to Ikora Rey to speak with her, which doesn’t take long and prompts you to the Eliksni Quarter.

Witness The Exchange in the Eliksni Quarter

An exchange was meant to take place in the Eliksni Quarter but instead, something horrid occurs which causes a commotion.

Receive Message From Lakshmi-2

After the events that have occurred in the Eliksni Quarter, Lakshmi-2 has a transmission or you which you will be able to receive by heading to H.E.L.M.

Speak With Mithrax

Once the transmission from Lakshmi-2 has been completed, head over to the Splicer Servitor to speak with Mithrax.

He tells of how heavy it is on the Eliksni after what has occurred but still, he will continue to do his best to do his part to help.

Path of the Splicer IV Rewards

Completion of the Path of the Splicer IV will reward you once again with another Umbral Engram, which you can either open or modify to become a Focused Umbral Engram.

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