Destiny 2: How to Get Crown Splitter

Destiny 2 Crown Splitter

The Crown Splitter is a powerful class-specific sword weapon that can only be used by the Titan class, giving them a huge boost when it comes to melee combat.

With the right mods, the Crown Splitter can be one of the highest damaging swords, if not the highest already in Destiny 2.

There is currently no specific way to obtain the Crown Splitter, other than the regular methods of getting gear but with the help of some source selections, you can narrow down the chances.

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How To Get Crown Splitter?

While the Crown Splitter is obtained as a random drop (legendary), it is still possible to target specific sources to increase the chances of obtaining it.

Legendary engrams have a chance of containing the Crown Splitter but this is minimal but still worth a shot.

It is possible to obtain this weapon as well when doing certain activities as loot or by accepting rewards from factions for doing certain activities and increasing your rank.

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Best Way to Get Crown Splitter

One of the easiest ways to farm for legendary swords is to focus Umbral Engrams as there is a choice to focus them into sword engrams.

This eventually will allow you to collect several legendary swords, and eventually, the Crown Splitter may be acquired.

Players have noted that Banshee-44 can reward players with different weapons, including the Crown Splitter by chance.

Since there is not much to do with the resources salvaged from lower-class weapons, you could trade them in to redeem rewards from Banshee-44 which may by chance be the Crown Splitter.

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While aiming to get Crown Splitter as soon as possible may not be possible the majority of the time, those who have put the time in upgrading their Umbral Engram focusing capabilities may do better.

Since you can focus Umbral Engrams into specific ones, you can make use of the Blades Focusing to change a normal Umbral Engram into one that provides only swords.

Eventually, you may obtain the Crown Splitter by chance but following the different sources may make things faster.

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