Destiny 2: Forsaken The Rider Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Forsaken Target The Rider Mission

  • Mission Type: Forsaken (Legacy)
  • Mission Location: Tangled Shore

The Rider is the first Baron that you will be hunting as you avenge Cayde-6’s death, tracking down and hunting him on his turf.

During this mission, you will most likely need to use enemy vehicles to catch up with and defeat The Rider as she is mounted on a vehicle of her own.

Mission Objectives

Steal a Pike

You will first be starting in a garage that belongs to Yaviks, the Rider, and you will need to fight your way inside and steal a vehicle.

By stealing a Pike, Ghost claims that you won’t need to find The Rider, as she will find you instead once you take the vehicle out for a spin.

Fire up the Boosters

The pike that you have stolen will be biometrically calibrated and will start to boost on its own, making it hard to control.

Stay on the bike until the calibration is complete (reaching 100%) and afterward it will run smoothly and you will be able to ride it properly.

Fire Pike Weapons

Ghost will claim that the Pike has some unusual mods and will begin to calibrate the weapons on the one you are riding.

Use the Pike to defeat enemies (using its weapons) until the weapon calibration reaches 100%, allowing you to move on to the next objective.

Hunt The Rider (Part 1)

After the calibration for riding and firing weapons has been complete, make your way towards the waypoint where you will pursue The Rider.

Hunt The Rider’s Gang

On your way to the waypoint, you will encounter The Rider’s three gangs, who will need to be taken care of to steal their frequency.

Hunt The Rider (Part 2)

Once you have defeated all 3 gangs, you will be able to track the location of The Rider and can now head to where she is hiding out.

When you are near The Rider’s location, there will be a barrier and you will need to leave behind your vehicle. (there will be more inside)

Head inside and pursue The Rider, collecting another vehicle and chasing her down through different areas.

Defeating The Rider

You will need to continue chasing down The Rider and will have to shoot her with either your vehicle’s weapons or try to get her on foot.

The Rider will lead you into different areas, which appear to be a race track (she was originally defeated by Cayde-6 in a race) and you will have to follow her around until you defeat her.

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  • Do not worry about losing a Pike as there are more within the track that you can use to fight The Rider with.
  • If your Pike is low on health, it is wise to switch it out to avoid taking damage when the one you are riding is destroyed.

You can fight The Rider on foot but this can be quite dangerous and you will still need to get on a ride to catch up with her when she moves to another area.


Once you deal enough damage, The Rider will meet her demise while also being unable to beat Cayde’s record, making her death more bitter on her side.

After defeating The Rider, the mission will come to an end and you will then need to set out to find the next Baron, The Hangman.

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