Destiny 2: Forsaken The Rifleman Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Forsaken The Rifleman Mission

  • Mission Type: Forsaken (Legacy)
  • Mission Location: Tangled Shore

The second to the last of the Barons is now your current target, The Rifleman Pirrha, who is responsible for destroying Cayde’s Ghost before his death.

You will need to find this sniper and put an end to his sharpshooting days before he can deal more damage.

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Mission Objectives

Hunt The Rifleman (Part 1)

You will start in Sorik’s Cut, which puts you in the area of a sniper’s nest, so be careful and make your way towards the waypoint.

At the distance, you will see The Rifleman atop of a structure and can start shooting at him, which causes him to escape after you deal a bit of damage.

The Rifleman will continue to teleport in other locations and you will need to attack him to force his retreat.

Continue following your waypoint which will lead you to Jetsam of Saturn where you will be able to spot and attack The Rifleman.

Destroy the Rifleman’s Decoys

After attacking The Rifleman, it will appear that he left a decoy which is what you were firing at but Ghost has a plan to track him.

You will need to destroy the other decoys in the area which are marked by waypoints to find The Rifleman’s location. (Total of 5)

Hunt The Rifleman (Part 2)

Once you have destroyed all decoys, you will need to continue making your way towards the waypoint, where The Rifleman taunts you as you proceed.

You will find yourself in Hellrise Canyon which will have Hive enemies within it and must be cleared out to move past a passage blocked by a barrier.

Defeating The Rifleman

You will end up in what appears to be a crash site and will be able to start attacking The Rifleman, who will be relocating after a few seconds every time you attack him.

The Rifleman will be easy to kill with powerful weapons such as a rocket launcher, but timing is important as you may miss it if he relocates.


  • Try to conserve your ammo at the start when it comes to your rocket launchers or grenade launchers, even if it is tempting to use them up on the many enemies around.
  • The Rifleman is a sniper and can deal a lot of damage if you don’t stay mobile, keep moving while you pursue him.
  • Using powerful weapons can easily defeat him during the final fight and with the right timing, he won’t be able to escape.

You will notice where The Rifleman is heading off to when he vanishes as there will be a blue trail that shows his movement.


After finally taking out The Rifleman, the Barons will have lost their sharpshooter and there will only be The Machinist and Uldren left to take care of.

Ghost remembers Cayde’s Ghost who was very much like Cayde and as he mentions, didn’t deserve to go down the way she did.

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