Destiny 2: Forsaken High Plains Blues Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Forsaken High Plains Blues Mission

  • Mission Type: Forsaken (Legacy)
  • Mission Location: Tangled Shore

Urden and his band of Barons have fled to the Tangled Shore and have taken control over, causing quite a stir amongst the residents.

You are in pursuit of Urden and the Barons and have planned on taken revenge for the death of Cayde-6, an eye for an eye.

Upon reaching the Tangled Shore, you will need to figure out where Urden and the Barons are held up and may even find an ally who hates them just as you do.

Mission Objectives

Find Cayde’s Killers (Part 1)

You first start in the High Plains and will need to search the area for Uldren and his Barons who have taken over some of the nearby areas.

There will be multiple factions in the area, you should head to the very end where you will find a terminal and what appears to be a camp that was attacked recently.

Hack the Terminal

The camp will have a terminal nearby and a symbol will be painted on the side of a cliff, marking what is a hidden entrance.

Interact with the terminal and Ghost will hack it, causing a path to be opened, allowing you to access a smuggler’s tunnel within.

Find Uldren and the Barons

Continue into the smuggler’s tunnel and make your way towards the waypoint in search of Uldren and his Barons.

Reaching the other side of the tunnel will lead you to another terminal that needs to be hacked, opening a hidden passage to Four-Horn Gulch.

Find Cayde’s Killers (Part 2)

The Scorn will be at the exit of the smuggler’s tunnel and at this point, the Scorn was not known well yet and Ghost notices they are the same creatures fought at the Prison of Elders.

Continue making your way out of the small passage, which leads you to a battlefield where a slaughter seems to have taken place.

Defeating Scorn

There will be a damaged servitor in the area with Fallen corpses, which transform into Scorn enemies once you get close enough.

You will have to clear the area of the Scorn enemies to proceed to the next objective, so be sure to get ready for a fight.

Scan Corrupted Servitor

To figure out what they are up to, you will need to interact with the Corrupted Servitor so that Ghost can access its data.

Ghost will discover that they are sucking Ether out of the Servitor, and after a few seconds, more Scorn will come to attack and must be defeated.

Rendezvous with Petra

Petra Venj will hack your comes after you have cleared up the area and tells you about an ally who wants Uldren and his Barons dead just as much as you do.

You will have to meet up with Petra Venj in a secret bunker that is displayed on your map to push forward and form an unexpected alliance.

Rendezvous with Petra’s Backup

Once you get near the waypoint, you will be in Thieves’ Landing, which prompts Petra Ven to tell you to meet with her backup.

To your surprise, the backup is Fallen units, Spider’s Associates who have been sent to help you make your way to the bunker.

Advance and Clear out Scorn

On your way to the bunker, there will be a ton of scorn in your path and you will need to advance and clear them out, defeating enemies in 4 different areas.

This will be a long fight and can be quite challenging, so make use of the cover and fight alongside the associates.

Enter Spider’s Lair

After clearing up the area, head to the waypoint and meet up with Petra Venj, who will then take you to Spider.

You and Spider will ally and will start to help each other out to put an end to Uldren and his Barons.

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  • Some players sometimes face the Scorn Screebs for the first time in this mission, these creatures run up to you and explode when they get close, so be careful and avoid them.
  • There is a lot of Scorn near the end of the mission and they will be scattered in 4 different places, making it best to take one area at a time.


After arriving on the Tangled Shore, you meet up with a potential ally who you were never going to expect, Spider.

While Petra Venj was beginning to become intimidated by what seemed to be the demands of Spider, you have stepped up and agreed to his deal.

Now with the aid of Spider, you will have more supplies, backup, and information needed as you continue with your pursuit of Uldren and his Barons.

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