Destiny 2: Forsaken The Mindbender Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Forsaken The Mindbender Mission

  • Mission Type: Forsaken (Legacy)
  • Mission Location: Tangled Shore

After recently defeating Trickster, the next enemy on your list is The Mindbender Hiraks, an enemy who loves to deceive and confuse his enemies.

Ghost has tracked the location of where The Mindbender is holding out, which is a cave on the Tangled Shore’s vicinity.

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Mission Objectives

Hunt The Mindbender (Part 1)

Begin your search by heading towards the waypoint where Ghost has traced the original signal, which is in a nearby cave.

Fight your way through enemies and make your way forward going deeper into the cave in search of Hiraks.

Scan the Mind-Control Device

There will be a mind-control device nearby which you will need to scan after clearing out a few enemies within the cave.

Repel The Hive

It appears that the Hive was being controlled by the devices placed in the area and they will attempt to attack you after you scan the mind-control device.

Once you clear out the enemies, Ghost will find the coordinates which lead to a crashed tombship, your next destination.

Defeat Mindbent Ogre

After you exit the cave and follow the coordinates, you will encounter a Mindbent Ogre which you will have to defeat.

Disable the Amplifier

Once the Mindbent Ogre has been defeated, you will need to destroy an amplifier that is marked by a waypoint.

If you look above you, there will be damaged platforms that will appear and you will need to climb them to reach the amplifier.

Repel the Scorn

Once you interact with the amplifier, Ghost will begin to hack it and you will have to repel the Scorn who start to attack.

This objective requires you to stay within the radius of the amplifier until Ghost finishes the hacking process.

Hunt The Mindbender (Part 2)

After you have disabled the amplifier, the signal that you and Ghost are tracking will now be from the source, allowing you to track The Mindbender.

Make your way towards the waypoint and continue your pursuit of The Mindbender, which brings you deeper through the Hall of the Exalted, a Hive structure.

Defeating The Mindbender

At the end of your path, you will finally encounter The Mindbender, who is accompanied by his acolytes in a large room.

During your fight, Hariks escapes into the Ascendant Plane and will start to appear through portals in a larger form.

Destroy the units protecting The Mindbender and continue to do damage to him until you bring his health to a critical state.

Continue fighting Hariks and the other enemies until you deplete all of his health, putting an end to his mischief.


  • You will fight against different enemies, which include a lot of Hive units since Hariks has been using his mind-control devices to manipulate them.
  • During your trip into the Ascendant Plane, watch out for portals and areas where you can fall to your death.

Hariks The Mindbender will appear larger in the Ascendant Plane, but remember that this is just a trick to cause panic.


Ghost claims that he thinks Cayde will rest easier since you have destroyed the throne-world that was built from his death.

The Mindbender will no longer be able to take control of other enemies to be used by the Barons for their schemes.

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