Destiny 2: Forsaken Scorned Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Forsaken Scorned Mission

  • Mission Type: Forsaken (Legacy)
  • Mission Location: Tangled Shore

Spider has given you a tip on the locations of all the Barons, allowing you to find each of them within proximity of one another.

While you go out to track down the Barons, Petra Venj will seek out Uldren before he slips away and will have to be found again.

Your task in this mission is to attempt to hunt down and take out the Barons while there is not yet that much going on.

Mission Objectives

Assault the Barons’ Hideout (Part 1)

You have the location of the Barons’ Hideout and it is time for you to make a move against them before anything else happens.

Follow the waypoint that marks the location of the Barons’ Hideout and attack them once yet find out where they are cooped up.

Retrieve Spider’s Lost Goods

Spider has some valuables that were left behind when Uldren took over the shore and he wants you to help get these back.

In exchange for your help, Spider will reward you by lending his associates to support you during the mission.

Head over to the waypoints and recover the caches by interacting with them and you will be accompanied by Spider’s associates (A total of 2 Caches)

Assault the Barons’ Hideout (Part 2)

After retrieving the caches, you will come across The Machinist, who will leave shortly after you have done damage to him.

Continue making your way towards the next waypoint where Spider will need you to once again retrieve his goods.

Retrieve Spider’s Cache

A cache will be in the area, interact with it to transmat it and you will be accompanied by more of Spider’s associates.

Assault the Barons’ Hideout (Part 3)

After transmatting Spider’s Cache, you will encounter The Rifleman in the next room and will have to deal enough damage which will cause him to escape.

Follow the waypoint and continue your assault on the Barons’ Hideout but be ready as a stronger group of enemies away nearby.

Defeating Scorn Tank

A Scorn Tank will be deployed in the area ahead of you and you will need to take it out before you can proceed.

There will be Scorch Cannon Pickups nearby which allow you to use a cannon to easily take out the Scorn Tank.

Assault the Barons’ Hideout (Part 4)

You will find yourself in the Hallowed Lair where there will be several Scorn enemies along the way to the waypoint.

There will be a Spider Cache up ahead just before you reach a gate that blocks you off from heading into the next area.

Retrieve the Spider’s Cache

As you interact with the cache, it will disappear and leave behind a small detonation which you can destroy, revealing it was a trap.

You will then be attacked by a lot of Screebs, which you should be careful of since they deal a lot of damage when they detonate at the same time.

Defeating the Scorn Ambush

Aside from the Screebs, there will be other Scorn enemies appearing in the area which you must clear out to proceed.

Enter The Scorn Hideout

Once the enemies in the ambush are defeated, the gate will open up and you will be able to make your way into the Scorn hideout, following the waypoint.

As you approach a bridge, The Hangman will appear and will start attacking you with his fiery attacks, including a range fire attack or by simply hitting you with his weapon.

Defeating the Scorn of the Fanatic

The Hangman will run away after you deal damage to him and you will then need to push forward past the bridge, following the waypoint.

In the next area, you will need to defeat the Scorn of the Fanatic, but afterward, instead of attacking you, The Fanatic will let you go as you are considered to be more useful alive at the moment.

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  • This mission is just a taste of what the Barons can do to you and simply introduces them before you face each one.
  • You will need to deal enough damage to push the Barons back to force them to leave.
  • Since there will be multiple tough enemies, bringing weapons that deal large amounts of damage to targets will speed things up.


It appears that the Barons somehow knew that you would be attacking them and in the end, they have all managed to escape.

The Fanatic however seemed to have something else in mind, which is later on connected to the strike where you encounter him.

After failing to defeat the Barons, you head back and Spider begins to tell you more about the enemies to help you understand their capabilities.

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