Destiny 2: Forsaken The Machinist Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Forsaken The Machinist Mission

  • Mission Type: Forsaken (Legacy)
  • Mission Location: Tangled Shore

The final Baron before chasing after Uldren is The Machinist, the Fanatic’s right hand, who is one of the higher-ranking enemies in Uldren’s group.

The Machinist will be in her territory, where she controls a huge arsenal of stolen tech from different factions.

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Mission Objectives

Repair the Tank

Once you enter The Mechanist’s territory, Ghost will notice a City-made tank, admiring her taste and prompting you to fix it.

Interact with the tank so that Ghost can start hacking it, but there will be two important parts that need to be replaced.

Repair the Tank’s Weapon System

There will be two parts that you will have to obtain which are nearby, the turret and nav module, in which Ghost will pinpoint the location for replacements.

Head over to each of the waypoints to pick up the replacement parts and bring them back to the tank one by one.

Destroy Barrier

After obtaining and installing the parts, you will now be able to ride the tank and use it to destroy a barrier blocking your path.

Restore Tank

There will be a repair pad nearby which you can ride over, which will restore the tank’s health over time to allow you to fight longer.

Assault The Machinist’s Lair

Now that you have repaired your tank, push forward and assault The Machinist’s lair, blowing up the barrier and defeating the enemies on the other side.

Open The Way

There will be a barrier ahead of you in the next area and you will have to find the power source and destroy it before moving forward.

The barrier’s power source is at the top of part of the structure and you will be able to reach it on foot (you need to hack it), but it is wise to clear out the other enemies with the tank.

Fight The Machinist (Part 1)

After opening the barrier your goal will be to find and fight The Machinist, who Ghost expects is on the other side of a barrier.

Destroy Fuel Caches

On your way to finding The Machinist, Ghost detects Dark Ether stored in the area, which he claims is enough to raise a Scorn army.

You will need to destroy a total of 5 fuel caches in the area which are near the Dark Ether to destroy them.

 There will also be a Stolen Walken in the area which you may want to take out to make things easier as you target the fuel caches.

After destroying all the fuel caches, there will be no objective update and instead, you will need to follow the waypoint leading you to the next area.

Open The Way

After blasting through a few gates, you will be in an open area where another barrier is present and will have to clear the area and interact with the power source.

The power source will be accessible from the right side of where the waypoint is pointing and can be hacked by interacting with it.

Fight The Machinist (Part 2)

Once the path is opened you can fight The Machinist which is more like a patterned fight as you will need to do damage while also evading certain attacks.

The Machinist will fire rockets into the air and you will simply need to keep moving and firing until you deplete her health.


  • The tank in this mission makes it quite easy to kill the enemies and move towards the final fight area.
  • Watch out for your tank’s health and make use of the repair pads so you can continue with using the tank until you reach the end.
  • The Machinist will curl up and fire rockets into the air, these will and on marked areas, making it easy for you to dodge them.

During the fight with The Machinist, jumping and gliding while firing rockets at her is enough to finish the fight within a few minutes.


As The Machinist’s life begins to fade, she utters about buying time, which means something is going on.

After defeating The Machinist, you will now be going after Uldren, finally avenging Cayde-6 and putting a stop to the Baron’s plans.

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