Destiny 2: Forsaken Nothing Left to Say Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Forsaken Nothing Left to Say Mission

  • Mission Type: Forsaken (Legacy)
  • Mission Location: Tangled Shore

The time has now come for you to face Uldren Sov head-on after Petra Venj has finally found out where he is located.

You must storm The Watchtower and fight your way through countless enemies to reach Uldren as soon as you can and put an end to his plans.

This mission will lead to the conclusion of the Forsaken quest and will allow you to avenge the death of Cayde-6.

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Mission Objectives

Reach The Watchtower

You will start at the base of The Watchtower and will have to fight your way towards the waypoint, making your way past a battle.

There will be Fallen and Scorn fighting all around the area and even a Walker, which you can simply ignore as you make your way towards the waypoint.

Destroy The Fanatic

Once you reach The Watchtower, the Fanatic will appear and will start attacking you, require that you fight back to push forward.

Taking out his first health bar will cause him to escape and summon enemies to attack you, resulting in him pulling you towards him after.

After he pulls you towards him, you will be able to finish off the rest of his health and continue heading towards the Uldren’s location.

Pursue Uldren

After defeating The Fanatic, the last enemy on your list will be Uldren Sov and you will need to follow the waypoint to get to him.

You will have to pass through the Ascendant Plain and will continuously hear Uldren’s sister telling him to open the door.

When you reach the waypoint, you will be attacked by Taken enemies, which were new enemies back then when Forsaken was new.

Continue fighting your way through the enemies and you will come across another portal which you will have to enter.

The portal leads you into the Ascendant Plain once more and you will need to travel over a pathway that requires a bit of jumping and fighting.

Escape the Ascendant Plane

You will reach a round room where you will encounter enemies that will attack you and at this point, you will have to escape by defeating the Ascendant Plane Guard, who opens a portal on death.

As you enter the next area, a cutscene will play, showing how Uldren Sov was deceived by his sister, Mara Sov, who has other intentions and absorbs Uldren.

It turns out that the being that was manipulating Uldren Sov was not his sister but in fact, it was a Taken Chimeric Servitor known as the Voice of Riven, which mimicked his sister to gain his trust.

Defeat the Chimera

Now that it has been revealed, the Chimera is to be destroyed to put an end to what is now not only Uldren’s doing but also whatever the Voice of Riven has in store.

Start attacking the Voice of Riven (aiming for its center/mouth is its weak spot) until you deplete its health.

You will be teleported into the Ascendant Plane from time to time and will have to clear the enemies before returning to the fight area where the Voice of Riven is waiting.

When the Voice of Riven is low on health, there will be two links (noticeable green beams) that protect it which you must destroy.

Enemies will be spawning once the two beams are protecting her but you can go straight to the sources and destroy them.

After destroying the sources of the beams, you will be brought back to the Ascendant Plane once more to fight your way out and will afterward be able to finish off the Voice of Riven


  • The Voice of Riven can be quite annoying, especially when it drags you into the Ascendant Plane, but you should focus on clearing enemies to get back.
  • Taken enemies are based on their original counterparts, which means their weaknesses (which glow) vary from each enemy.

Using a powerful weapon such as a rocket launcher to deal damage to the mouth of the Voice of Riven can help finish the fight faster.


Once the fight is over, you walk towards the Ace of Spades (Cayde-6’s pistol that Uldren kept with him) and pick it up.

You walk towards Uldren and point it at him while he searches for his sister and finds out that it was all a scheme.

Ghost begs you to not end Uldren’s life, and in the end, the cinematic ends with your Guardian pointing their weapon and pulling the trigger.

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