Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer Power Level Cap

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Power Level Cap

Each season in Destiny 2 has its level cap and this determines the max power level that they can reach through equipping and upgrading their gear.

There are different caps to be taken note of in Destiny 2 which are the soft cap and power cap, both near max power level but slightly different.

To increase your power level, you will need to equip gear with a higher power level than your previous one or upgrade your current gear by infusing.

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Power Level

Your Power Level determines your overall damage and resistance to damage, it is your level (this was formerly known as Light Level) and sometimes has to be a certain number.

Some challenges, missions, quests may require that you have a higher power level, which should be met, or else you may have trouble with your current activity.

Power level in Season of the Splicer (Starting from Beyond Light) puts players at a Power Level of 1100, which players will start to upgrade from once they equip new gear.

The average Power Level of your gear will combine to make up your overall Power Level, thus equipping more gear will make your character stronger.

How To Increase Power Level?

Your Power Level increases depending on what gear you have equipped, which can be obtained as you play the game.

The more you play, the better the chance you have of obtaining new gear, which sometimes is a higher Power Level than your current gear and which you should swap.

There is however a feature in Destiny 2 which allows you to infuse gear, which consumes one gear to give its Power Level to another, allowing you to keep your favorite equipment.

Keep playing and participating in activities to get better gear, which you can replace your old ones with, increasing your Power Level further.

Your Power Level will be the average of the Power Levels of all the gear that you have equipped, thus making sure all of your gear is swapped out for new ones will increase it gradually.

Level Cap

The level cap is pretty much a limit to your Power Level, which is mainly dependent on what kind of gear you have.

Some gear will only allow you to raise your Power Level to some extent, which means later on you need to move from Uncommon (green items) and Rare (blue items) to Legendary (Purple Items.)

Sooner or later you will stumble upon Exotic Gear (yellow items) and this will greatly increase your Power Level (Allowing you to go over the Soft Cap) to a greater extent.

Soft Cap

The Soft Cap for Season of the Splicer is 1260, this can be reached by playing through missions and activities, collecting uncommon and rare gear.

Eventually you will obtain legendary gear from time to time, allowing you to progress further to reach the maximum Soft Cap.

Hard Cap

The Hard Cap for Season of the Splicer is 1310, this comes after the Soft Cap and can be reached by replacing your uncommon and rare gear with legendary and exotic gear.

Each time you do an activity or harder missions, you will always get gear, and there is always a chance to get legendary gear that is slightly higher than your current one.

Power Cap

Once you have reached the Hard Cap, then the next and final Level Cap is the Power Cap, which is 1320 and this is the hardest to reach.

You will have to grind more activities as well as do harder challenges to obtain them, such as doing the Prophecy Dungeon, grinding Crucible, Strikes, and Gambits, and more.

Pinnacle Gear is not that common and will take more time to obtain but in the end, your character will go beyond its normal capabilities, allowing you to deal more damage and survive better.


In Beyond Light, you start at 1100 Power Level and will be able to gradually increase to higher ones as you play through the story.

If you like a specific gear item, you will not need to replace it and can use another higher-level gear to upgrade it to that Power Level.

To quickly increase your Power Level, you should do more activities, as these are some of the best ways to get better gear.


Power Level is your level in the game, allowing you to deal more damage and take less damage as you play in certain areas and when doing missions, quests, and more.

The higher your Power Level, the more you can dish out and survive, and this is important for higher-level contents such as Raids, Dungeons, Activities, and more.

You can easily increase your Power Level as you play through the game, and this is because there will always be rewards and most of the time some gear will appear which can replace the current ones.

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