Destiny 2: Path of the Splicer 5 Quest Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Path of the Splice V

After recent events where Mithrax’s people were attacked and damage was done to their camp, it appears he wishes to let it slip into the past.

Mithrax is eager to continue his working on a way to dispel the Endless Night and ignore everything else.

You are once again needed to delve deeper into the Vex networks, including partaking in an Override and Expunge.

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Quest Steps

During this quest, you may notice a change in Saint-14 after Mithrax had told a story about how he was feared by the Eliksni, which prompts a change in his behavior.

Get Ether To Craft Key Code

You will need to participate in activities or kill enemies to obtain Ether that you will need for crafting a Key Code.

Create Key Code Using Gathered Ether

After gathering sufficient Ether, you will need to craft a Key Code which is automatically slotted into your Splicer Gauntlet.

Complete Override Mission and Open Conflux Chest

Once again you will need to fight your way into the Vex networks and defeat the enemies within while also obtaining what lies within the Conflux Chest.

Complete the Expunge: Tartarus

Your next task will be to head over to Europa and participate in the Tartarus Expunge, which will be similar to the previous Expunges with slight modifications to it.

Speak With Saint-14

After completing the Expunge, make your way back to The City and speak with Saint-14, who will be located at the Hangar.

Speak With Mithrax

To conclude the quest, you will need to speak with Mithrax, who shares about how Saint-14 seems to be changed by his previous story of how the Eliksni see Saint-14 as a monster.

Path of the Splicer V Rewards

Just like the other Path of the Splicer quests, you will be rewarded with an Umbral Engram, which you can also modify at H.E.L.M. for specific Legendary Gear.

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