Destiny 2 Legacy Shadowkeep Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Legacy Shadowkeep

The Destiny 2 Legacy Shadowkeep quest is a campaign covering the Shadowkeep DLC, which takes place on the Moon.

It begins with you aiding the Vanguard to take their positions upon the Moon against the Hive and later on puts you alongside Eris Morn to discover the secrets of the Pyramid.

During this quest, you will face off against the new Nightmares that the Hive appears to not be affected by and will have to help Eris Morn find a way to combat them and enter the Pyramid.

Legacy Shadowkeep Quest Steps

Step 1: Complete the In Search of Answers Mission

The In Search of Answers mission will need to be completed before you can proceed past the first quest step in the Legacy Shadowkeep campaign.

This also allows you to progress with other requirements on the Moon and will contribute to future progress later on.

You can find the In Search of Answers marked by a waypoint or find it on your map.

Step 2: Visit Eris Morn in Sanctuary

During the In Search of Answers mission, what appears to be an attack can be heard from the end of Eris Morn’s transmission.

Head back to Sanctuary and speak with Eris Morn to receive the Essence of Despair quest, which needs to be completed next.

Step 3: Complete Essence of Despair

The Essence of Despair is a short quest that involves cleansing the Essence which you have obtained and you will need to complete it before proceeding to step 4.

Step 4: Visit Eris Morn Again in Sanctuary

After completing the Essence of Despair quest, the Essence will now be cleansed and you will need to report back to Eris Morn for the next tasks.

This quest step is parallel with the Essence of Despair quest and will complete at the same time, even skipping the last step of Essence of Despair.

Step 5: Defeat Nightmare of Omnigul

The Nightmare of Omnigul needs to be taken care of and you will have to hunt her down in the Nightmare Hunt: Anguish mission.

You can find this mission located at Anchor of Light marked on the map.

Step 6: Speak with Eris Morn in Sanctuary

Eris Morn will need to speak with you so you may learn what she believes lies within the Scarlet Keep, head over, and interact with her in Sanctuary.

Step 7: Complete “The Scarlet Keep” Strike

The discoveries made have led to The Scarlet Keep which you will need to infiltrate, which can be done once you start the Scarlet Keep Strike on the Moon.

You can begin the strike by heading to its location or by selecting it on the Moon’s map.

Step 8: Complete Essence of Anguish

After completing the previous quest step, you will now need to cleanse another Essence which will be done in the Essence of Anguish quest.

This mini-quest must be completed for you to proceed to the next part of the Legacy Shadowkeep campaign.

You will find the Essence of Anguish in the quest tab as it was rewarded previously after you defeated the Nightmare of Omnigul. 

Step 9: Return to Eris Morn

Eris Morn has gained information after Hashladun’s death, which is the location of the Hive Cryptoglyph and you will need to speak with her to learn where to find it.

Talk to Eris Morn once again on The Moon and you will be sent to the next step, to steal the Cryptoglyph.

Step 10: Complete the “In The Deep” Mission

The location of the Hive Cryptoglyph has been revealed and your next objective is to head out and take it from The Catacombs.

You will need to complete the In the Deep mission, which can be found on The Moon, marked as the next mission.

Step 11: Return to Eris Morn with The Cryptoglyph

Now that you have taken the Cryptoglyph, head back to Eris Morn on The Moon and speak with her, which will allow you to further craft more Dreambane Armor later.

Step 12: Use the Cryptoglyph to Empower the Lectern of Enchantment

After speaking with Eris Morn, the Lectern of Enchantment will be available, interact with it to empower it, and obtain another reward.

This unlocks the Lectern of Enchantment, allowing you to accept bounties and purchase resources from it.

Step 13: Visit Ikora on the Moon

Ikora has arrived on the Moon to see the Pyramid for herself and needs to speak with you, head through the portal near Eris Morn, and talk to Ikora.

A cutscene will play where you and Ikora will speak with Eris Morn, ending with Ikora offering the full aid of the Vanguard at Eris’s disposal.

Step 14: Craft the Remaining Dreambane Armor Pieces

It is time for you to complete your Dreambane Armor set, which requires that you hunt down the remaining Nightmare bosses and collect their Essences.

This also means that you will have to complete each of the Essence quests to proceed with the campaign.

Click on the different Essence quests listed above for their corresponding walkthrough.

Step 15: Visit Eris Morn in Sanctuary

Now that you have a full set of Dreambane armor, you are ready to enter the Pyramid, but first, you must head to Eris Morn and speak with her.

Step 16: Complete the Beyond Mission

After speaking with Eris Morn, you are to begin your journey into the Pyramid and will do this by starting and completing the “Beyond” mission.

You will need to wear a full set of Dreambane Armor to begin the “Beyond” mission, a requirement for entering the Pyramid.

Step 17: Return to Eris Morn with the Unknown Artifact

Once you have returned from the Pyramid, you will need to bring the Unknown Artifact, speak with Eris Morn on the Moon.

Step 18: Speak with Zavala

Return to the Tower and speak with Zavala to share your findings from the Moon, the Vanguard leaders will be interested in the results.

Step 19: Speak with Ikora

An additional quest step will be added after you have spoken with Zavala and you will need to head over to Ikora, who is also at the Tower, and speak with her.

Shadowkeep Quest Rewards

Before the Shadowkeep is completed, you will be able to obtain a piece of Exotic gear, this is different depending on which class you are playing.

The following are the Exotic rewards you can get for each class in the Shadowkeep Campaign:

As you near the completion of the Shadowkeep Campaign, the following quests will be available:


  • The Nightmare enemies you face are stronger than their normal counterparts, you should be extra careful when facing them.
  • You will need to get a full set of Dreambane Armor before you can enter the Pyramid, which only happens as you proceed with the quest.
  • It is a good idea to keep an eye on the weak spots of your enemies so that you can deal extra damage to them.
  • During the Beyond mission, you may face some bugs after fighting the bosses which can be fixed by going out of bounds or abandoning the activity and entering again.
  • If you accidentally get rid of your Dreambane Armor, you can reacquire parts of it again from Eris Morn but will need certain materials.


From out of nowhere the strange Pyramid appeared and you were finally able to help Eris Morn complete her investigation.

With the help of the Dreambane Armor, you were able to infiltrate the Pyramid to witness firsthand the Nightmares of your previously defeated enemies.

Although the first steps were a success, there is still a lot to be discovered, especially when it comes to the Unknown Artifact that you have recently obtained.

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