Destiny 2 Essence of Isolation Quest

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Essence of Isolation

You have obtained the Essence of Isolation quest after successfully defeating the Nightmare of Taniks, The Scarred, and obtaining it from him.

To cleanse the Essence of Isolation, you will need to defeat enemies which must be done on The Moon if you are to craft a piece of Dreambane armor.

How To Get Essence of Isolation Quest?

You will obtain the Essence of Isolation quest once you have completed the Nightmare Hunt: Isolation mission where you defeat the Nightmare of Taniks, The Scarred.

Essence of Isolation Quest Steps

Step1: Defeat Fallen On The Moon

While initially, you would think that the enemies you would be facing would normally be the Hive for this type of mission, cleansing this essence requires you to defeat Fallen.

You will need to defeat 100 Fallen enemies and this can only be done on the Moon, which means defeating enemies on other planets won’t work.

A good idea is to hang around where most of the Fallen spawn in the area or to do one of the 3 lost sectors on the moon which have Fallen in them.

  • K1 Communion – Anchor of Light
  • K1 Crew Quarters – Hellmouth
  • K1 Logistics – Archer’s Line

Step 2: Use Lectern of Enchantment in Sanctuary

Once the Essence of Isolation has been cleansed, it will now be time to create a new piece of Dreambane armor.

Make your way towards the Lectern of Enchantment, in which you can reach the first fast travel area and interact with it to obtain the armor and complete the quest.

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Essence of Isolation Rewards

Once you have interacted with the Lectern of Enchantment, you will be rewarded with one of the following gauntlets based on your class.


  • It’s best to camp in areas where several Fallen dropships will repeatedly spawn in combatants as these respawn as fast as you can kill enemies.
  • Lost Sectors are a good bet if you can complete them quickly but you will have to make your way to either of the 3 which have fallen enemies.
  • Be sure to do this quest on the Moon, as other planets do not add to the completion of the 100 kills.
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