Destiny 2 In Search of Answers Mission

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep In Search of Answers Mission

  • Mission Type: Shadowkeep Campaign
  • Mission Location: The Moon

Eris Morn speaks of how the Pyramids warding is not a permanent issue and sooner or later understanding how it works will allow you to get through it.

She believes that the Hive may be able to provide answers as they have had contact with the Pyramid for eons since they have lived next to it.

As the Pyramid is now activated, more of the Hive have begun to appear and you will need to investigate further on this.

How to Get In Search of Answers Mission?

The In Search of Answers mission is available once you have completed the A Mysterious Disturbance mission, following the Shadowkeep Campaign.

Mission Objectives

1) Investigate Hive Activity

Start by fighting your way past the enemies and heading for the waypoint as you will need to investigate the Hive presence in the area.

2) Investigate the Hive/Nightmare Relationship

You will need to collect runed tablets, which will drop from enemies that you defeat in the area that you have just arrived in.

A total of 6 runed tablets are needed before you can proceed.

3) Contact Eris Morn

Head up to the top of some large rocks marked by a waypoint and you will be able to contact Eris Morn, allowing you to get your next objectives.

During your transmission with Eris Morn, a Hive Wizard is heard in the background and Ghosts tells you that you need to hurry, implying she needs to be saved.

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In Search of Answers Rewards

After you have completed the In Search of Answers mission, you will receive a random piece of gear and the Ghosts of Our Past mission will be available.


  • This is one of the shorter missions of Shadowkeep and is meant to be a continuation of the campaign.
  • It is much faster to hop onto your vehicle and head for the waypoint, ignoring the other enemies in the area.
  • You will easily be able to obtain the runed tablets by killing enemies and do not have to complete the Altar of Sorrows if you accidentally join in.


It was found out that the Hive has been tied to the Pyramid due to its long existence amongst it, making them more used to its presence.

The Hive appears to be immune to the presence of the Nightmare entities which Eris Morn wishes to understand to be able to do the same.

Eris Morn may be in trouble and it is up to you to find out what has happened since the last time you communicated.

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