Destiny 2 Essence of Pride Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Essence of Pride Quest

After successfully defeating Nightmare of Skalos, you have obtained the Essence of Pride and now need to cleanse it.

To cleanse the Essence of Pride, you will need to hunt down Nightmare variants of enemies in other places aside from the Moon.

Nightmare kills on the Moon will not count, so you will need to head to other planets in search of worthy enemies.

How To Get Essence of Pride Quest?

The Essence of Pride quest is obtained after you defeat Nightmare of Skalos in the Nightmare Hunt: Pride mission.

Essence of Pride Quest Steps

Step 1: Defeat Nightmares Throughout the Solar System

This step is easier than it sounds, you simply need to head over to Lost Sectors on other planets that have Nightmare enemies in them.

A good place to go is the European Dead Zone and head for Widow’s Walk, you can complete this quest step within 2 to 3 runs.

Step 2: Use Lectern of Enchantment in Sanctuary

Now that the Essence of Pride has been cleansed, it is time for you to create another piece of Dreambane Armor.

Head over to the Lectern of Enchantment in Sanctuary near Eris Morn and interact with it to receive a new piece of gear.

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Essence of Pride Rewards

Once you have interacted with the Lectern of Enchantment, you will be rewarded with one of the following helmets based on your class.

  • Dreambane Helm (Titan)
  • Dreambane Cowl (Hunter)
  • Dreambane Hood (Warlock)


  • The EDZ is one of the best places to complete bounties as the enemies here are very weak and you can complete the Lost Sectors within a small number of minutes.
  • Nightmare enemies exist in several Lost Sectors and will easily be identified by their different appearance and the name Nightmare added to its usual name.
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