Destiny 2 In The Deep Mission

Destiny 2 In the Deep Mission

There is an item that Eris Morn needs you to retrieve from deep within The Catacombs on the Moon but this won’t be an easy task.

You will be searching for the Hive Cryptoglyph, which will allow you to continue with creating the Dreambane Armor that you will need to access the Pyramid.

Your task will be to find the Hive Cryptoglyph, take it by force if you must, and escape before the Hive prevents you from leaving with it.

How to Get In The Deep Mission?

The In The Deep mission becomes available once you have completed the second quest step in the Essence of Anguish quest, where you are needed to obtain the Cryptoglyph.

Mission Objectives

 1) Locate the Hive Cryptoglyph

You will start at a fair distance from The Catacombs and will have to make it to the entrance by following the waypoint and getting past the Hive enemies.

It is possible to run past most of the enemies and make your way straight towards The Catacombs but beware as there will be a lot of them firing at you.

Once you reach The Catacombs, continue going deeper within and you will come across a ritual circle which will unlock the door ahead.

Enemies will come to attack you and you will need to defeat them before the door opens up so that you may move to the next area and continue to fight past more Hive enemies.

Another ritual circle will be at the end of your path, this time in front of a bridge and you will need to once again stay in the circle and fend of enemies before proceeding.

2) Eliminate The Hive

After crossing the bridge, you will find the Cryptoglyph but as soon as you approach to take it, a barrier will block you from reaching it.

You will have to eliminate the enemies in the area, which include Apprentice of the Cryptoglyph Wizards and later on a major enemy named Besurith, Daughter of Crota.

Continue following the waypoints to reach the groups of enemies that need to be defeated until Besurith appears, defeat her to continue.

3) Take The Hive Cryptoglyph

Once you have defeated Besurith, you may head over to the Hive Cryptoglyph and grab it but this causes The Catacombs to go dark and Hive enemies soon transcend on your location.

4) Escape With The Hive Cryptoglyph

As the Hive enemies approach, Eris Morn cannot be contacted and will be unable to help you get out of The Catacombs.

You will need to run towards the waypoint, through the darkness, and make your way to the exit, escaping with the Hive Cryptoglyph.

Once you reach the exit, Eris Morn explains that she was unable to reach you but luckily you got out and the mission will end.

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In The Deep Rewards

Completing the In The Deep mission will reward you with random gear, XP and it will unlock the Lectern of Enchantment.

You will also be able to proceed with the Essence of Anguish quest as well as the Legacy: Shadowkeep Campaign as they share the need for this mission to be completed.


  • Most of the enemies can be run past when you start making your way towards The Catacombs as well as you escape it.
  • It is best to make a run for it once you have the Cryptoglyph as fighting the enemies will end up getting you killed.
  • The Lectern of Enchantment is unlocked after this mission and will appear on The Moon, making it accessible for future short quests.


It may have been a challenge and the Hive certainly did not give up the Cryptoglyph without a fight but you were able to get out in one piece.

Now that you have the Hive Cryptoglyph, you will be able to use it to create more of the Dreambane Armor to aid with accessing the Pyramid.

After this mission, the Lectern of Enchantment will now be available on The Moon, located near Eris Morn.

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