How To Make Broth of Enlightenment

Broth of Enlightenment is one of the consumables in Ark Survival Evolved that is a bit harder to make than other consumables.

The effects are meant for humans and increase the experience they gain with everything that is done, which even includes the experience from Tribe Exp.

If you want to boost your experience gain and level up quickly in Ark, your best bet is to make a couple of these when you are about to craft or go out killing.

Broth of Enlightenment Effects

The Broth of Enlightenment provides players with 50% bonus experience for 1200 seconds, giving you a huge duration to do a lot of things.

Experience granted from activities done by your tribe will also be affected by this boost which makes it good to use when a lot of activity is going on.

You will not be able to consume another Broth of Enlightenment until its effects have worn off after its 20-minute duration.

Other Broth of Enlightenment Uses

Aside from being a consumable for humans, the Broth of Enlightenment also acts as a taming food specifically for Arthroplueras.

This can be fed to them and acts like kibble, being their best food to tame them, granting you more taming efficiency and a shorter wait on their taming time.

How to Make Broth of Enlightenment (Recipe)

ARK Broth of Enlightenment

The Broth of Enlightenment can be cooked in a Cooking Pot or an Industrial Cooker, which must have a supply of water and fire to cook.

Below are the Broth of Enlightenment ingredients:

The hardest part of making Broth of Enlightenment is getting the horns or and sometimes the Black Pearls for them.

You can use either Wooly Rhino horns or Deathworm Horns and Black Pearls can be obtained from Trilobites and Eurypterids or in some underwater locations.

The Broth of Enlightenment ID for spawning is: cheat giveitemnum 448 1 0 0

Broth of Enlightenment Description

“A single sip of this incredible broth will expand your mind and broaden your horizons, granting greatly increased experience gain for a brief time”

Does Broth of Enlightenment Work on Dinos?

Broth of Enlightenment can only be consumed by humans (Arthorplueras are the only exception) and Dinos will not be able to consume them in their inventory.


Gaining experience fast in Ark is a big deal as this can help you progress faster to increase your stats and learn more engrams.

While this only provides 50% bonus experience, this can be a huge difference based on the activities that you are doing in the game.

Those who tend to tame an Arthropluera will be able to do so very quickly with only a few of these, saving a lot of time and getting higher levels.

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