Starfield The Mantis Floor Puzzle Solution

The Mantis Floor Puzzle can be found in the Secret Outpost on Denebola I-B, which is part of the “Mantis” mission that you receive after looting a Dead Spacer.

The Dead Spacer that has the Secret Outpost text log is often encountered during a mission called “The Old Neighborhood”, which is one of the earliest missions in the game.

After obtaining the file from the Dead Spacer, the mission begins and eventually, you can reach the puzzle by following the mission objectives.

The Mantis Floor Puzzle following the mission objectives

How To Solve The Mantis Floor Puzzle?progressing through the Secret Outpost

As you progress through the Secret Outpost, you may pick up recordings of a man named Leon Voclain, who has been led to the puzzle by his mother.

She had repeatedly been using the phrase “Sic Semper Tyrannis” and he had no idea what she was talking about the whole time.

You have the option to speak to Livvey, who will tell you that you need to spell something out to get to the end without being killed, which is the word “TYRANNIS.”

To solve the Mantis Floor Puzzle, you will need to step over the letters spelling “TYRANNIS” and press the button on the end to open the door. (Don’t worry, your companion won’t trigger the trap)

If you step on the wrong button as you cross, the turrets at the end will begin to fire at you and they deal a lot of damage, which can kill you in seconds.

Other Ways To Get Past Floor PuzzleTrying to get to the button at the end

The Mantis Floor Puzzle is not an impossible death trap that has no workaround, there are many ways for you to get to the button at the end.

Other ways for you to get past the trap or to skip it would be the following:


One of the more difficult parts is getting to the Mantis Floor Puzzle as there are several enemies but if you are well equipped and capable, it shouldn’t be an issue.

The turrets are a bit hard to take out if you don’t use a weapon with high damage, which is why we recommend weapons that you can snipe with.

If you are wondering what comes at the end of the trouble it takes to get to the end of this Secret Outpost, let’s just say you get a ship and a nice suit. (A bit of a Batman vibe at the end as well)

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