Starfield PC Save File Location

If you have played Skyrim or Fallout 4, you may know how often the urge to save comes and goes and this can result in you having a lot of saved games.

Getting rid of the saves that you no longer need can be tedious and if you want to backup or transfer these saves that are not synced online, this can be a huge help.

It’s a good thing that you can access the save file location at any time to check on your saved games and do what you want with them.

Starfield PC save file location

Where To Find Starfield Save Files?

Just like most of the games that are now released, you no longer need to navigate through the game’s installation directory or head into the hidden AppData folder.

You can find the Starfield Save Files by heading into My Documents/My Games/Starfield and opening the Saves folder.

This is where you will see all your saved games, labeled depending on what kind of occurred, making it easy to identify which saves you are looking at.

How To Backup and Delete Files?

If you want to back up your files, you can make a folder and move them there, which will allow you to return them anytime if you want them back in your saved files list.

You can also back the files up and transfer them to another PC to continue your progress there and vice versa when moving back.

If you are like other players who often do quicksaves and tend to delete them after doing main saves, you can delete them in bulk from the saved file folder.


Being able to manage your saved files is a great way to control the way you play the game and will be great for redoing important parts of the game if you make a mistake.

Doing backups of your most important saves can be important if you tend to clear things now and then to have a cleaner list in the folder.

It is best to keep the saved files named the way they are to make sure that the game reads them properly to avoid any loss of progress and a huge headache.

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