How to Change FOV in Starfield (PC & Xbox)

When it comes to most games, being able to make customizations to suit your play style can improve your experience to a certain extent.

One of the settings that are often changed in games is Field of View, allowing you to alter your perspective in most first-person or third-person games.

In Starfield, the option to alter your FOV is not available as of now in the setting when you run the game but there is still a way for you to change it.

Field of View Starfield

What is FOV?

Field of View is the angle at which your character can see the world around them, giving you a view of your surroundings.

With a higher Field of View, you get to see a wide area around you while having a lower Field of View lets you see from a narrower angle.

Altering your Field of View often gives you the benefit of a wider view around you or a narrow view that lets you see further.

How To Change Starfield FOV on PC?Changing Starfield FOV

For PC Users, changing your FOV is as simple as setting up a configuration file (.ini) and using the right input to make it used by the game.

To change your FOV in PC, you will need to head into Starfield’s save directory and create a configuration file called StarfieldCustom.ini in the folder.

You can find the folder in Documents/My Games/Starfield and will need to place the file in that folder or whichever is similar.

Inside the file, you will need to type in the following:



This should be without quotation marks, and you will be replacing VALUE with a number ranging from 60 to about 100.

A lower value will give you a zoomed-in feeling when you play but reduces the angle and may require you to turn more to look around.

With a higher value, you will be able to see more around you, but this will make it appear as if you are zoomed out more than usual.

How To Create Configuration File (INI)?

To create a configuration file, you will need to use the Notepad application type in the values there, and save it as .ini afterward or edit the file once saved.

If you are having trouble creating the .ini file, you can always copy the StarfieldPrefs file, rename it, and delete everything inside before you input the values.

The saved file will already be an .ini file so you can just open it, and this will cause you to edit it with Notepad and once saved, it will still be a configuration file.

How To Change Starfield FOV on Xbox?

Changing your FOV on Xbox is not as easy as it is with a PC and the full option of altering it is limited to the use of the View Button.

This will allow you to change your view slightly but is only said to work in third person, making it less effective to edit files as you would with the PC.

There is still hope though, you’ll never know when Bethesda decides to add updates, and this could lead to the FOV options and more in the future.

Will FOV Settings Be Added in The Future?

With the popularity of the setting in most games, Bethesda may provide this for players since it’s not a competitive online game and this only affects your experience.

If there is a setting that can be altered with text, this most likely means that some changes may be added in the future that will allow you to change the FOV.

Until now, you will want to just enjoy the game as it is and see if an FOV slider later appears when you are changing your display/graphics settings.


Starfield is a big game with large planets and multiple environments that you can enjoy but sometimes the FOV can be a nuisance to players.

It would be great to see Bethesda add the option in the future as this does not only change the way you can play, but it also provides an experience players may be looking for.

If ever you want to remove the FOV settings on the PC that you set up with the configuration file, you can simply delete or rename the file until you want to use it again.

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