Starfield Mantis Armor (How to Get, Stats & Different Rolls)

There are rumors that a vigilante that goes by the name Mantis has been known to prey on spacers, pirates, and all kinds of evil-doers around the galaxy.

For hundreds of years, this vigilante has been known to exist, which most likely means that the suit and legendary ship called the Razorleaf has been passed down time and time again.

It seems though that the Mantis has not been around for some time and a recent discovery has made it possible for you to get the Mantis Armor Set as well as a ship.

Mantis Armor Starfield

How To Get Mantis Armor?Mantis Armor found inside a closed glass door

The Mantis Armor can be obtained in the Lair of the Mantis, which often becomes easy to track down once you find the “Secret Outpost!” message on a dead spacer.

This leads you to do the Mantis quest, which will have you going into the Secret Outpost where you must get past the Mantis Floor Puzzle after fighting through other pirates.

Once you reach the Lair of the Mantis, you will be able to get not only a new ship but also the Mantis Armor that was passed down through several vigilantes.

Mantis Armor StatsMantis Armor Stats

The Mantis Armor consists of 3 different pieces of equipment, which are the Mantis Spacesuit, Mantis Pack, and Mantis Space Helmet.

Each piece of armor is a Legendary Item, which means that all of these will have 3 perks that are selected from a list randomly. (Legendary Perks)

This happens to be the same with the resistances provided for each piece of armor of the set, which allows you to get random rolls.

How To Get Different Rolls with Mantis Armor?

Before taking the Mantis Armor from the case, you can do a Quicksave before interacting with the mannequin, which will roll the perks.

Once you have a Quicksave prepared, you can approach the Mantis Armor case and open it to interact with the Mannequin.

If you do not like the roll for the stats of the armor in the case, you can load your Quicksave and interact with the Mannequin to get a different set of perks for each piece.


The Lair of the Mantis is one of the earliest locations in the game where you can get a good amount of gear, including the Mantis Armor Set and the Razorleaf Ship.

Since the rolls for the Mantis Armor are random, you can easily choose what perks you want for the armor, which can help you get through most of the game.

The Mantis was a legendary vigilante and now that you have their armor and ship, it is up to you what you will use them for in Starfield.

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