RE4 Remake Gold Chicken Egg (Location, Drop & Uses)

It’s golden and shiny but we’re not sure it came from a regular chicken at all, the Gold Chicken Egg makes its appearance as it once did in the original game.

The Golden Chicken Egg is a Treasure and a Recovery Item that Leon can find on his ventures while saving Ashley from the Iluminados.

Although this is sought out for multiple reasons, it appears only a couple of them can be found in the game.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Golden Chicken Egg Location

How To Get Gold Chicken Egg?

The Golden Chicken Egg is more of a treasure than an actual egg, which makes it cost a lot of Pesetas if you sell it to the merchant.

You can get the Golden Egg by picking it up or by opening one of the Square Lock Boxes that you encounter later in the game.

Gold Chicken Egg Location

You can find one of the Gold Chicken Eggs once you reach Chapter 4, which requires you to take a boat to the other side of the lake where there are several chickens.

Another Gold Chicken Egg can later be found in the Throne Room if you return to it later in Chapter 12, which requires you to have the Cubic Device.

As of now, these seem to be the only locations in the game where Golden Chicken Eggs can be obtained as they do not seem to drop from animals.

Gold Chicken Egg Uses

Eating a gold Chicken Egg can fully restore your health but it’s not wise to use it for such purposes since you have herbs and First Aid Sprays available.

One of its main uses is to complete the Egg Hunt Request, which requires you to sell a Gold Chicken Egg to the Merchant in Chapter 4 and onward.

Another secret use for the Gold Chicken Egg is that it deals a large amount of damage if you throw it at Salazar as it seems he might be extremely allergic to them.

Gold Chicken Egg Drop

In the original Resident Evil 4, Gold Chicken Eggs were more abundant and seemed to have a low chance to drop.

Things seem to be a bit different in the remake though as we did not encounter any Gold Chicken Eggs dropping from chickens.

The best way for you to get your hands on some would be the Chicken Farm or in the Throne Room during their respective chapters.


Gold Chicken Eggs are very rare in the game, which is probably why they cost 10,000 Pesetas and should probably just be used for that.

Aside from healing you and being sold for a high price, they are a good alternative way to easily kill Salazar, which is also pretty funny since you had to throw an egg at his portrait.

As of now, it seems that Golden Chicken Eggs do not drop from chickens, which is a bit of a downer but still acceptable because of their high cost and the Salazar secret.

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