Dead Island 2 Pre-order Bonus Items & Editions

Dead Island2 is coming out on April 21st’ 2023 and a lot of people are eager to grab the game as it has been in development for several years.

Initially players thought the game was canceled but it’s now finally here and we will soon be able to get back into zombie-slicing and shooting action.

One of the earlier things that you can do is grab it early on as there is a pre-order bonus that will grant you more goodies when it comes out.

Dead Island 2 Pre Order Bonus

Pre-order Bonus Items

If you purchase the game ahead of its release, you will be able to get some items early in the game that will provide you with a good start.

The following are the items that can be obtained if you purchase the game early before its release:

  • Banoi War Club
  • Banoi Basketball Bat
  • Weapons Perk
  • Skills Card

If you have played the previous games, you will know by now that the first two items are weapons while the others will allow you to upgrade your player.

This gives you a good head start in the game, making it easier for you to progress from the beginning so you don’t have a rough time mid-game.

Digital Edition Bonuses

There are three editions that you can purchase, which are the Standard, Deluxe, and Gold Edition, which each have bonuses that make the game more fun.

The following are the editions as well as the bonuses that they have:

Digital Item

Standard EditionDeluxe EditionGold Edition
Base GameIncludedIncluded


Pre-order Bonus

Memories of Banoi PackIncluded


Pulp Weapons Pack

Golden Weapons PackIncluded


Character Pack 1 & 2

Expansion Pass


Deluxe Edition

If you want to get a few more goodies when you start the game, grabbing the Deluxe Edition is something you will want to do.

Not only does this include the Golden Weapons pack, but it also includes additional characters that you can choose from later on.

Of course, there is a little extra needed when it comes to buying the game but with the other goods you can get, it’s a good trade.

Gold Edition

Grabbing the Gold Edition is worth it as you get access to the Expansion Pass, which will allow you to enjoy content later added to the game.

This can be great for when they plan to release updates to the game or other modes for players to enjoy, which will give you more to do in the game.

The Gold Edition may cost a bit more but it’s worth getting the expansion pass as well as all the other goodies in the Deluxe Edition.

Character Pack 1

Character Pack 1 offers you premium character packs that include unique costumes and weapons for Silver Star Jacob.

This includes the Rode Sunset costume for Jacob as well as The Devil’s Horseshoes weapon, which can be used by any of the characters.

Both the Deluxe Edition and Gold Edition include the Character Packs in them, so you will have Jacob once you get them.

Character Pack 2

Character Pack 2 gives you goodies for Amy, which are part of the Cyber Slayer Amy equipment that you can get for her.

These include the Neurunner skin for Amy as well as the Casimir & Julienne, a twin-bladed weapon that can be used by any character.

Just like Jacob, you will be able to use Amy once you have purchased either the Deluxe or Gold Edition of the game.

Memories Of Banoi Pack (Pre-order Bonus)

The Memories of Banoi pack includes a few goodies that players can make use of when they first start in the game.

These include the Banoi War Club, which is perfect for smashing enemies’ heads in as well as the Memories of Banoi Baseball Bat, perfect for knocking zombies to the ground.

Along with these weapons is a Weapon Perk (Balance) as well as a Personal Space Skill Card that can be used later in the game.

Golden Weapons Pack

The Golden Weapons Pack offers 2 additional weapons that you can use in the game, which are Abuela’s Ashes Mace and Sam B’s One Hit Wonder.

Abuela’s Ashes Mace is a golden mace that has been beautifully decorated while Sam B’s One Hit Wonder is a golden pistol.

These weapons are beautifully decorated but are not so light when it comes to killing zombies as they do the job excellently.

Pulp Weapons Pack

To make things a bit nastier for the zombies, the Pulp Weapon Pack includes two signature items that you can use later on.

These are the Homewrecker and the Eye Opener, which can be used by any of the characters and will serve well in taking out a lot of enemies.


Being able to buy the game ahead of its release is a good thing since you will just need to wait for when it is released and simply download it.

As a reward for supporting players who buy the game in advance, there are a lot of rewards that you can get in the game later on.

All of the bonus items that you can get are worth it since they help you progress and can help you out when it comes to progressing from the start to the finish.

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