RE4 Remake Frugalist Trophy Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake puts some players to the test with its many challenges and one of these is the Frugalist Challenge.

This challenge makes it difficult for players by depriving them of the ability to heal themselves during the entire game.

You may think this is impossible as sometimes evading attacks and blocking will not be enough, but no need to worry we got you covered.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Frugalist Trophy

How To Complete Frugalist Challenge?

First things first, you want to keep in mind that you should not use any recovery items to complete the challenge, which means no First Aid Sprays, Herbs, or edible items.

Below are a bunch of techniques that will help you complete the Frugalist Challenge if you follow most of them closely.

1) Assisted Mode

The Frugalist Challenge requires you to complete the main story without using a recovery item but does not say anything about what difficulty you need to play.

This means that you can play in Assisted Mode and if you remember correctly, this mode will allow you to recover a bit of health whenever you are in DANGER.

This will help out by keeping your life stable at some point so that you don’t end up getting killed often by being at the mercy of a single hit now and then.

2) Get the Chicken Hat

As funny as this hat may seem, it is pretty good for when you want to avoid taking too much damage and works well from the start of the game until the end.

Equipping the Chicken Hat on Leon will reduce the amount of damage he takes, increasing your chances of surviving later as you progress further in the game.

This does not mean that you should not evade attacks though as every drop counts with health and this is more of a precaution to taking damage.

3) Body Armor

Just like the Chicken Hat, Body Armor will reduce the amount of damage that you take but this one needs to be repaired often, so avoid getting hit.

The Body Armor that Leon can use becomes available later in the game, so you will have to make do with the Chicken Hat earlier.

Combining both Body Armor and the Chicken Hat is a great way to reduce overall damage and should give you a better chance of surviving.

4) Sell Your Recovery Items

The point of the Frugalist Challenge is to not use Recovery Items, so it’s best to avoid temptation and to sell them off as soon as you can.

You can use the extra Pesetas to buy weapons and upgrades from the Merchant so you can kill enemies faster to avoid letting them get too close to you.

It is also best to use what Pesetas you can to repair your Body Armor when needed as well as your knife for parrying attacks.

5) Upgrade Your Equipment

Do not hold back on your upgrades because you will need them to get through the chapters to avoid taking too much damage.

You should kill the enemy before they get to you, so make sure you focus on upgrading your main equipment before anything else.

Grabbing treasure will be important as well as you will need this for additional upgrades and repairs that need to be made.

6) Be Strategical

Getting the Frugalist Challenge done is not something that requires you to be fast but rather careful and to avoid getting in contact with enemies often, you should take them out from afar.

Make use of Hand Grenades, Flash Grenades, Explosive Barrels, Attachable Mines, and more to kill your enemies before they get to you.

Getting weapons that can kill enemies from afar is a good idea too since this will reduce the probability of them whacking you in the face.

Suggested Weapons to Get the Frugalist Trophy

  • Punisher – can penetrate enemies, allowing you to stagger multiple targets in a line.
  • Stingray – good for assaulting enemies from afar to keep them from getting to you.
  • LE 5 – an all-around submachine gun for both close and medium-range fights.
  • Riot Gun or Strike – something to pump enemies in the face with if they get too close.
  • Broken Butterfly or Killer7 – a good weapon to use against bosses to finish them off quickly.


Completing the Frugalist Challenge may not be the easiest for new players but if you have already done a playthrough once or twice, it should be easy.

Keep in mind that you should still loot and upgrade when you can because you will need everything you can get to avoid having to heal after being hit.

Remember, no healing whatsoever, which makes your only way to regenerate health the Assisted Mode’s recovery method.

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