Genshin Impact Custodian of Clouds Quest

Genshin Custodian of Clouds (Archon Quest)

After your previous run-in with the Adepti known as Moon Carver, you have been instructed to seek out multiple Adeptus.

One of these is known to be Cloud Retainer, who you will need to seek out in Mt. Aozang to explain what has happened regarding Rex Lapis.

It seems that not all Adepti are hard to approach as, during this quest, all it takes is the right skills when it comes to cooking.

How To Get Custodian of Clouds Quest?

Custodian of Clouds is a quest that you obtain after you have completed An Impromptu Change of Plan quest, which sets you out to search for three Adeptus.

You will obtain the Custodian of Clouds quest along with Moulder of Mountains and Wangshu quests, which can be done in any order.

Custodian of Clouds Quest Objectives

1) Search for Cloud Retainer

The quest area is located in Mt. Aozang and you will either need to teleport nearby or head there on foot until you reach it.

Once you are in the area, you will need to approach the table in the center under a tree, which appears to be where the Adepti would eat.

It is here that Paimon believes offering food will be a way for you to get the attention of the Adepti in the area.

2) Look for Traces of Food Offerings (0/3)

The food that you will offer is still undecided and to find out what has been previously offered to the Adepti, you will need to go around searching for clues.

Head over to each of the marked areas and collect the ingredients, which will resort in short cutscenes, ending in you obtaining recipes for Jewelry Soup and Matsutake Meat Rolls.

All the ingredients for cooking the meal that you will offer to the Adepti will be obtained once you have visited each of the areas.

3) Offer Up Food to Cloud Retainer

There will be cooking pots around the area, and you will use them to cook the food that will be offered at the table.

The following need to be cooked:

  • Jewelry Soup
  • Mora Meat
  • Matsutake Meat Rolls

Once you have cooked all the food, head back to the table and interact with each seat to place them as an offering.

4) Search for Cloud Retainer

After you have offered the food, a nearby area will be unlocked as its barrier disappears, revealing a domain within.

Interact with the domain to enter it, which is where you will search Cloud Retainer within its abode inside.

5) Meet Cloud Retainer

Inside the domain will be bridges connecting floating land, which you will need to cross to reach Cloud Retainer’s location.

Some of these will have enemies that you may need to defeat and there will be bridges to interact with to create a path for you.

Once you have made your way to Cloud Retainer, a cutscene begins where you will speak with her, explaining what has happened and passing on what Moon Carver has said.

After speaking to Cloud Retainer, she will leave and the quest will be complete, allowing you to exit the domain afterward.

Custodian of Clouds Rewards

After you have completed the Custodian of Clouds quest, you will receive Adventure EXP, Mora, and other rewards.

The rewards come in the following amounts:

  • 400 Adventure EXP
  • 12,250 Mora

Additionally, you will receive:

  • 8 Adventurer’s Experience
  • 3 Mystic Enhancement Ore


During this quest, you met Cloud Retainer, and you brought the news of Rex Lapis’ assassination as well as Moon Carver’s words.

Thanks to the Sigil of Permission, you were able to remind her of the contract the Adeptus has with Liyue, which was good for convincing her not to unleash her anger.

It seems that Cloud Retainer resides in her abode where she has peace, which is something that may come in handy in your future travels, which you may get later.

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