Vengeful Aspect (Location, How to Get & Effects): Diablo 4

Rogues are adept at dealing large amounts of damage and most builds involve the use of Critical Strikes and marking their enemies as Vulnerable.

This alone is more than enough to take down most enemies but with the help of the Vengeful Aspect, the chances of getting more Critical Strikes increase.

The Vengeful Aspect provides Rogues with the ability to gain a boost in Critical Strike Chance when they make their enemies Vulnerable.

Vengeful Aspect

Vengeful Aspect Effects (Critical Strike Aspect)

With the Vengeful Aspect, whenever you mark an enemy as Vulnerable, there will be a certain percentage chance that you will gain an increased Critical Strike Chance.

This provides you with a 3% bonus Critical Strike Chance, which can stack up to 9% and will last for up to 3 seconds before resetting.

This gives you a good chance to gain the boost since there are several ways to make enemies Vulnerable and the 9% Critical Strike Chance can often be reached.

Vengeful Aspect LocationVengeful Aspect you can find in the Amber Sounds across Jirandai to the west (Kehjistan)

You can unlock the Vengeful Aspect by completing the Inferno Dungeon, which can be found in the Amber Sounds across Jirandai to the west. (Kehjistan)

A faster way to reach Inferno if you don’t want to go around would be to head to its location by going towards the east from the Altar of Ruin.

How To Get Vengeful Aspect? (Inferno Walkthrough)Defeat the Scourge of the Land in the Inferno Dungeon

Once you enter Inferno, you will begin in the Torrid Chambers, where you will need to fight your way to the Blistering Caverns to fight the Scourge of the Land.

  • Collect Animus from Animus Carriers
  • Deposit Animus into the Animus Urn
  • Travel to the Blistering Caverns
  • Return the Bloodstone to the Pedestal (1)
  • Defeat the Scourge of the Land

Returning the Bloodstone to the Pedestal will open up the path to the Searing Core, where the Scourge of the Land can be found and must be defeated.


There are multiple ways for Rogues to mark enemies as Vulnerable and whenever this happens, there is a good chance they will trigger the Vengeful Aspect.

This counts for each enemy that you make Vulnerable and thanks to it stacking up to 3 times, this adds up to your current Critical Strike Chance too.

The Vengeful Aspect is perfect for builds that focus on Critical Strike Damage as this can help you easily kill even the toughest enemies quickly.

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