Aspect of Cyclonic Force (Effects, Location & How to Get): Diablo 4

Druids can harness storm magic to create Cyclone Armor, which protects them from non-physical damage and also expands to knock back nearby enemies.

This however does not mean that they get the same protection against physical damage but there is still a way to balance this if you have the Aspect of Cyclonic Force.

The Aspect of Cyclonic Force provides the Cyclone Armor Skill with physical damage reduction as well instead of just non-physical damage.

Aspect of Cyclonic Force

Aspect of Cyclonic Force Effects (Cyclone Armor Aspect)

Once you have imprinted the Aspect of Cyclonic Force to one of your items, this will affect the Cyclone Armor Skill whenever you cast it.

Whatever non-physical damage reduction it provides, it will also provide the same physical damage reduction as well, protecting you from all sources of damage.

This is perfect for when you are getting into a fight with multiple enemies and to make things even better, Cyclone Armor will also be applied to your allies.

Aspect of Cyclonic Force LocationAspect of Cyclonic Force you can find in the Amber Sands (Kehjistan)

The Aspect of Cyclonic Force can be unlocked in your Codex by completing the Collapsed Vault Dungeon, which is located in the Amber Sands. (Kehjistan)

The Collapsed Vault can be reached by heading northeast of the Iron Wolves Encampment or southeast from the Altar of Ruin.

Other quick ways to reach the Collapsed Vault would be heading to the Amber Sands if you start from the Imperial Library or Tarsarak but these paths may take a bit longer.

How To Get Aspect of Cyclonic Force? (Collapsed Vault Walkthrough)Killing the Seething Hivemaster in the Collapsed Vault

The Collapsed Vault has you searching for a way through the Unstable Rampart until you reach the Louse of Three, which is where the Seethering Hivemaster awaits.

  • Slay all enemies in Unstable Rampart
  • Travel to the Louse of Three
  • Return the Ancient Statue to the Pedestal (2)
  • Defeat the Seething Hivemaster

Once you have entered the Louse of Three, you will need to first unlock the path by returning the Ancients Statues to their Pedestals.

Once the Ancient Statues are in their Pedestals, you can proceed to where the Seething Hivemaster is located and will need to defeat it to complete the dungeon.


Cyclone Armor was initially a skill useful for protecting you against elemental damage and for pushing back enemies during a fight.

With the Aspect of Cyclonic Force though, it allows you to charge into a fight while taking advantage of both types of damage reduction.

Since it also affects your allies, this provides a whole team with protection as they charge toward their enemies in a fight.

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