Seething Hivemaster (Location, Fight Strategy & Drops): Diablo 4

The Seething Hivemaster is a large insect-like boss that resembles the Skittering Abominations, which seem to be a descendant of the Scarab enemies in the previous titles.

This fast boss has a knack for slicing at you when up close or spitting toxic into your face if you tend to keep your distance during the fight in its lair.

Fighting this boss along with the minions that it summons can be rewarding though as certain dungeons where you encounter it will reward you with an Aspect once completed.

Seething Hivemaster Diablo 4

Seething Hivemaster Location

You may encounter the Seething Hivemaster in a few dungeons located across Sanctuary and may defeat it to loot for every run as well as an Aspect for first-time completions.

Seething Hivemaster Fight (Attacks)

The Seething Hivemaster will attack you with quick strikes if you are within melee range or spit at you with its toxic projectiles to deal damage to you from afar.

Occasionally, it will also summon minions that will attack you, which includes a synchronized attack that they perform after being spawned into the area.

1) Multi Slashes

Using its scythe-like arms, the Seething Hivemaster strikes at you multiple times to deal damage at melee range, which you can avoid by moving away or going behind it.

2) Toxic Barrage

The Seething Hivemaster releases a barrage of toxic projectiles that deal damage for each projectile that hits you, which it tends to use at range but this can be avoided. (Move away or dash behind it)

3) Swarm Storms

Summons are a swarm of bugs in multiple locations that move around, slowing you and poisoning you as you remain within the areas of the storms.

4) Summon Skittering Minions

The Seething Hivemaster will summon Skittering Minions to its side, which will attack you at the same time with a special attack before pursuing you until they are killed.

Seething Hivemaster Strategy

The Seething Hivemaster can be deadly if you remain still through the majority of the fight as its attacks that are either at melee range or from afar will be able to deal a good amount of damage.

You should stay mobile and attack it whenever you can but also be sure to kill any minions that it spawns to avoid taking on extra damage.

Its slashes and toxic projectiles can be avoided and while it is releasing them, you have an opportunity to strike and deal hits.

Eventually, you can even stun the Seething Hivemaster once you fill up its stun bar, which can be done by repeatedly using Skills that can stun it.

Seething Hivemaster Drops

The Seething Hivemaster will often drop around 1 to 3 different items, which will differ in rarity based on your current character level.

Aside from being able to get loot (and Gold), you will be able to unlock an Aspect for defeating the Seething Hivemaster in a dungeon for the first time.

The following are the dungeons where you may encounter the Seething Hivemaster and the Aspects you can unlock:

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