Relentless Berserker’s Aspect (How to Get, Location & Effects)

Barbarians can enter a Berserking state, which provides them with increased damage and increased movement speed depending on what attacks they use. (Passives too)

Berserking has a duration though and not all of the Barbarians use the same attacks to activate it, which makes having a way to extend its duration beneficial.

This can be done with the Relentless Berserker’s Aspect, which gives your Core Skills a chance to increase the duration.

Relentless Berserker's Aspect

Relentless Berserker’s Aspect Effects (Berserking Aspect)

Relentless Berserker’s Aspect provides your Core Skills with a certain percentage of a chance to extend the duration of Berserking by 1 second.

This extension is doubled if the Core Skill deals a Critical Strike, giving you a good chance of extending the duration when you damage multiple enemies.

Each enemy that you hit or deal a Critical Strike against with a Core Skill will provide a chance for Berserking to be extended.

Relentless Berserker’s Aspect LocationRelentless Berserker's Aspect is in the Southern Expanse (Kehjistan)

You can unlock the Relentless Berserker’s Aspect by completing Hakan’s Refuge, which is a dungeon that can be found in the Southern Expanse. (Kehjistan)

Hakan’s Refuge can be located to the east of Gea Kul, which you can reach by leaving the city and traveling to the Central Plateau.

How To Get Relentless Berserker’s Aspect? (Hakan’s Refuge Walkthrough)Slaying the Matriarchs (3) in the Hakan’s Refuge Dungeon

Hakan’s Refuge begins with you fighting your way through the Refuge of Bone until you eventually reach the Matriarch’s Den.

  • Return the Ancients Statue Statue to the Pedestal (2)
  • Travel to the Matriarch’s Den
  • Slay the Matriarchs (3)

Upon reaching the Matriarch’s Den, you will need to hunt down 3 Matriarchs and kill them, which will result in the dungeon run being complete.


Barbarians who can keep the Berserking buff going are more likely to survive in a fight as they can kill enemies quickly, especially those they fight in a group.

While certain skills can be used and passives that can provide Berserking, the Relentless Berserker’s Aspect is a good way to extend the duration.

The longer your duration goes, the more you can kill enemies quickly and move around in dungeons faster to save time and take on tougher foes.

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