Diablo 4 Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

The Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache is a side quest that you may obtain by slaying enemies when exploring the Dry Steppes and may be obtained in various locations.

It appears that the Oxen Tribe has sealed some loot within this cache which can now be unlocked once you supply it with a certain resource.

This cache requires that you obtain demon fury, which will drop when you slay Vile Ones within the marked areas.

Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache Quest?

The side quest begins when you pick up a cache called the Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache, thus giving you a quest of the same name.

You may find the Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache by slaying enemies within the Dry Steppes and most likely obtain this during the Crucible of Worth side quest.

Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache Objectives

Harvest demon fury from Vile Ones

Harvesting demon fury from Vile Ones

To open the Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache, you will need to search for Vile Ones within the marked area and slay them.

Vile Ones that you slay will drop a fiery orb that can be picked up and this can be monitored by a meter under the objective.

Once you have filled up the meter, the quest will be complete and the Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache will now be opened. (Received as a reward)

Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache Quest Rewards

The following rewards will be given to you once you have completed enough demon fury to unlock the Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Unsealed Oxen Tribe Cache
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown


The Oxen Tribe is known for their resourcefulness and the sealed cache that you found earlier was proof enough that you store useful supplies.

Opening the Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache had two benefits, which were eliminating Vile Ones as well as getting the items within the cache.

Opening the Unsealed Oxen Tribe Cache can provide you with various items, which may include weapons, armor, gems, herbs, Murmuring Obols, and more.

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