Diablo 4 Thieves’ Famine Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

While you explore the town of Ked Bardu, you notice a man named Gelek who is in trouble and end up speaking to him about a certain bandit problem.

The bandits around the Kotama Grasslands have been ambushing their caravans, which have deprived them of their supplies.

One of the worst things about this is that the food that the children need has also been taken and you have been sent to get them back.

Thieves' Famine (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Thieves’ Famine Quest?

You may begin the Thieves’ Famine side quest by speaking to Gelek in Ked Bardu, who can be found near the entrance of the town. (Near the Waypoint)

Thieves’ Famine Objectives

1) Collect Stolen Supplies from bandits in the Kotama Grasslands

Collecting Stolen Supplies from bandits in the Kotama Grasslands

After speaking with Gelek, the area around Ked Bardu will be marked so you can easily search for the bandits. (They will appear as red dots on your map)

During this quest, bandits of any type will have a high chance to drop Stolen Supplies, which you will need to collect.

A total of 20 Stolen Supplies will be needed before you can make your way back to Ked Bardu to return them to Gelek.

2) Return to Gelek

Once you have all the Stolen Supplies, you can teleport back to Ked Bardu or enter through the gate to speak with Gelek, which completes the quest.

Thieves’ Famine Quest Rewards

After bringing back the materials to Gerti, the quest will be complete and you will receive the following rewards:


The bandits in the area overwhelm the area around Ked Bardu, making it easy for caravans to be attacked by large numbers and this has caused several losses.

While Gelek wanted you to retrieve what was taken, he cared more about the food for the children as he didn’t need you to retrieve any other goods.

Thanks to your efforts, the children and other people within Ked Bardu have more rations to keep themselves going.

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