Diablo 4 Malign Devotion Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

A man in Ked Bardu is hastily packing up to head off somewhere and when you speak to him, he explains that he plans on becoming a mason elsewhere.

The man, who is revealed to be called Husun mentions that someone named Lakren in Alzuuda should be sought out if you want to offer your help.

You will need to travel to Alzuuda and search for Lakren to offer him your help as he plans on rebuilding a monument nearby.

Malign Devotion (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Malign Devotion Quest?

You may begin the Malign Devotion side quest by speaking to Husun in Ked Bardu, who can be found in the northwest part of the town.

Malign Devotion Objectives

1) Travel to Alzuuda in search of Lakren the mason

Lakren was said to be in Alzuuda and you will need to travel to the town or teleport to its Waypoint if you have already unlocked it.

2) Speak with Lakren in Alzuuda

Once you reach Alzuuda, you will need to speak with him, which results in him explaining he needs help rebuilding a monument and he tells you to meet him there. (His location is shown by a marker)

3) Meet Lakren at the Lost Monument

The location of the Lost Monument will be marked on your map and you will have to travel there since there are no other nearby Waypoints.

4) Investigate the crypt below the Lost Monument

Investigating the crypt below the Lost Monument

Upon reaching the Lost Monument, Lakren will be nowhere in sight and you will have to enter the nearby dungeon called the Lost Monument Crypt. (Proceed further inside)

5) Defeat Lakren

Lakren will welcome you into the crypt but reveals that you are to be sacrificed, which requires that you fight him as he begins to attack you.

6) Defeat the summoned demon

Lakren will transform into an elite demon (Vile Overseer) and you will need to slay it, leaving nothing more than a ritual area and a gospel.

7) Inspect the Gospel of the Mother

Once the demon has been slain, you may approach the Gospel of the Mother and interact with it and the side quest will be complete.

Malign Devotion Quest Rewards

After reading the Gospel of the Mother, the Malign Devotion side quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Ore Amulet
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown


Husun may or may not have been aware of Lakren’s intentions and if he was lucky, he may not have been sacrificed.

What was supposed to be a rebuilding of a Lost Monument turned out to be a lure to sacrifice travelers for Lakren’s gains.

Now that Lakren has been taken care of, future travelers are less likely to end up dead because of one man’s desires.

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