Diablo 4 The Unlucky Ones Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

You find a man outside of Alzuuda who appears to be having some trouble and it turns out they have a bit of an undead problem in the area.

Nayan is on his shift but the undead are swarming the area and he barely made it back alive during his previous attempt.

He has asked you to take care of the undead problem in the area so that he can do his job without any trouble from them.

The Unlucky Ones (Side Quest) D4

How To Get The Unlucky Ones Quest?

The Unlucky Ones side quest can be obtained by speaking to Nayan, who can be found outside of Alzuuda on the side of The Scarred Coast.

The Unlucky Ones Objectives

1) Slay zombies along the Scarred Coast

Slaying zombies along the Scarred Coast

After speaking to Nayan, you will need to search the area for zombies and will have to slay 50 of them before returning to him.

The whole area is crowded with them and you can even find them by checking your map for the red dots that represent them.

A marker will be pointing to a certain area in the map but you can still find the zombie almost anywhere around the Scarred Coast.

2) Return to Nayan

Once you have slain 50 of the required enemies, you will need to head back and report to Nayan, who will be grateful for your help. (The quest will be completed after you speak to him)

The Unlucky Ones Quest Rewards

After slaying zombies and returning to Nayan, The Unlucky Ones quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Salvage Cache
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown


Nayan’s job can be distracting and this could have gotten him killed if it were not for your intervention of the roaming undead in the area.

The Scarred Coast is indeed filled with a lot of them and you may have just saved Nayan’s life but things are still dangerous.

Now that the undead has been reduced, Nayan can get back to doing his job with a bit of increased safety thanks to your efforts.

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