Diablo 4 Sealed Penitent’s Cache Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

While exploring the Dry Steppes (mainly in the Scarred Coast), you stumble upon a Sealed Penitent’s Cache and pick it up.

This cache appears to be an old Zakarum cache that had been sealed with magic and to open it, you will need to slay the undead.

Slaying enough of the undead will provide you with spirit energy, which will allow you to open the cache once you have enough.

Sealed Penitent’s Cache (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Sealed Penitent’s Cache Quest?

You may begin this quest after picking up the Sealed Penitent’s Cache, which may be dropped by monsters you slay in the Dry Steppes.

Players may stumble upon the Sealed Penitent’s Cache when they slay undead monsters in The Scarred Coast, which often happens during The Unlucky Ones side quest.

Sealed Penitent’s Cache Objectives

Obtain spirit energy from the undead

Harvesting Spirit Energy from the undead

Once you have picked up the Sealed Penitent’s Cache, you will be able to obtain spirit energy, which is dropped from the undead.

The area will be filled with several undead enemies and they can be seen on your map as they are represented by red dots.

You will need to kill enough of them to fill up the meter that is located below the objective, which will unseal the Penitent’s Cache.

Sealed Penitent’s Cache Quest Rewards

Once you have collected enough spirit energy, the Sealed Penitent’s Cache will be unsealed and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Unsealed Penitent’s Cache


The Zakarum seem to have a habit of keeping their loot safe, which is evident with the Sealed Penitent’s Cache that you found.

After collecting enough spirit energy from the undead, you were finally able to open it up and take its contents for keeping.

Opening the Unsealed Penitent’s Cache will cause items such as herbs, Murmuring Obols, weapons, armor, and more.

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