Diablo 4 Augury of Bones Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

While you were in Jirandai, you may have overheard gossip about a man named Ogai from a woman named Nomin and may have talked to her about it.

She talks about how Ogai seeks the secrets of the Grinning One and is disturbing the spirits in a certain area near Jirandai.

You will need to find Ogai and see what he is up to, which may be a bit dangerous since disturbing the dead isn’t something good to do.

Augury of Bones (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Augury of Bones Quest?

You may begin the Augury of Bones quest by speaking to Nomin, who can be found near the Blacksmith in Jirandai. (You can overhear her talking about Ogai when you are near her)

Augury of Bones Objectives

1) Speak with Ogai in the Valley of the Strayed

Ogai is not too far away and you can easily reach him on foot, which will also require that you speak to him once he is found.

2) Collect Bone Dust from skeletons in the Valley of the Strayed

Collecting Bone Dust from skeletons in the Valley of the Strayed

After speaking with Ogai, he will have instructed you to collect Bone Dust from the dead, which is mainly the skeletons.

You can find the skeletons in the area by searching around the marked area and may locate them via your map as they are shown by red dots. (Collect 3 Bone Dust)

3) Return to Ogai

Once you have collected enough Bone Dust, you will need to speak with Ogai again and a short dialogue will begin before he uses what you have collected.

4) Investigate the Immemorial Inscription

Just as Ogai thought he was on the brink of discovering something, he sneezed and realized nothing happened after making use of the Bone Dust.

You notice an Immemorial Inscription nearby and will need to interact with it to see what it says since this may be helpful for Ogai.

5) Speak to Ogai about the Ancient Inscription

After telling Ogai about what you read in the Ancient Inscription, he will decide to try something else and expects you to continue helping him. (The quest ends here)

Augury of Bones Quest Rewards

After collecting Bone Dust and returning to speak with Ogai, the quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Ore Cache
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown


Ogai believes that something lies within the remains of the area and is persistent in reaching out to the Grinning One to figure out its secrets.

He thought that using the Bone Dust (probably inhaling them) would help him make a discovery but this instead just caused him to sneeze.

After this failed attempt, Ogai has decided to prove himself to the Grinning One and has run off to do that nearby.

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