Diablo 4 Hubris Smiles Back Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

After a failed attempt to commune with the Grinning One, a man named Ogai is still focused on finding another way to complete his task.

He needs your help with this though and has relocated to an area near The Grinning One, which is where you plan on going next.

Ogai believes that something good awaits him if he can prove himself to this mysterious being but it is uncertain what may happen once he pursues his course.

Hubris Smiles Back (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Hubris Smiles Back Quest?

The Hubris Smiles Back Quest begins immediately after you have completed the Augury of Bones quest, being a continuation of Ogai’s efforts to communicate with The Grinning One.

Hubris Smiles Back Objectives

1) Speak with Ogai near The Grinning One

Ogai will have gone ahead and will be waiting at The Grinning One, which is located near the Grinning Labyrinth. (Go to Ogai and speak to him)

2) Retrieve Baneful Oblations from fallen within the Grinning Labyrinth

Retrieving Baneful Oblations from fallen within the Grinning Labyrinth

To communicate with the mysterious being, Ogai requires that you obtain Baneful Oblations from within the Grinning Labyrinth.

This requires that you enter the dungeon and slay fallen enemies to collect 5 Baneful Oblations before returning to Ogai.

3) Return to Ogai

After obtaining the Baneful Oblations, you can complete the dungeon or simply head back to Ogai and speak with him.

4) Place the ritual offerings on the Ritual Stones

Place the ritual offerings on the Ritual Stones

Now that Ogai has everything that he needs, he has instructed you to place the offering on the Ritual Stones so he can communicate with The Grinning One.

5) Speak with Ogai

After setting everything up, you will need to speak with Ogai, which begins a cutscene that ends with him being killed. (This ends the quest)

Hubris Smiles Back Quest Rewards

After placing the offerings on the Ritual Stones and witnessing Ogai being killed, the quest ends and you receive the following rewards.

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Salvage Cache
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown


The Grinning One is a being that most of the people believed should be left alone but Ogai got a bit greedy for whatever it is that he wanted.

In the end, it looks like there was a price to pay and this was Ogai’s life, which makes it uncertain if he got what he wanted in the end.

Inspecting Ogai’s dead body reveals that he has a smile on his face but his jaw has been torn off, which may be a hint to what the offerings you placed were.

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