Diablo 4 Crucible of Worth Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

As you make your way around the town of Ked Bardu, you come across Gerti, who seems to be troubled about something.

Upon asking her if something is bothering her, she explains the situation regarding a certain Great Axe that was prized by her tribe.

Gerti believes that if the Great Axe of Raekor is still around, it is most likely to be in the hands of the Triune and she has pointed you to the southern coast.

Crucible of Worth (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Crucible of Worth Quest?

The Crucible of Worth side quest can be started by making your way to Ked Bardu and speaking to Gerti, who can be found near the Blacksmith.

Crucible of Worth Objectives

1) Retrieve the Great Axe of Raekor

After speaking with Gerti, the location of the Great Axe of Raekor will be revealed on your map, which leads you to The Scarred Coast.

You will need to make your way to the location to begin your search for the Axe and may get there quickly by teleporting to the Waypoint in Alzuuda.

An area will be marked around the Horn of Kombdor (Scarred Coast, Dry Steppes) and you will need to reach the end to find the Axe.

There will be multiple enemies in the area and you will need to fight your way past them and pick up the Great Axe of Raekor. (You can run past them if you don’t want to fight)

2) Take the Broken Great Axe of Raekor

Picking up the Broken Great Axe of Raekor

Once you are near the Axe, it will appear to have been broken and you will need to pick it up before you can bring it back to Gerti.

3) Return the broken Great Axe to Gerti in Ked Bardu

After taking the Axe, you can make your way back to Ked Bardu via teleporting to the waypoint and will need to speak with Gerti.

Gerti will afterward instruct you to obtain an Oppressor Horn and Silver Quartz to repair the Axe back to its former glory. 

4) Acquire an Oppressor Horn

Acquiring an Oppressor Horn

The first item that you have been sent to collect is the Oppressor Horn, which you will have to obtain in the Khargai Crags by slaying Oppressors. (Area will be marked on your map)

5) Gather Silver Quartz from the Infected Delve

Gathering Silver Quartz from the Infected Delve

The next items you need to collect will be 3 Silver Quartz and these can be found in the Infected Delve by interacting with Glittering Ore Veins found within. (Dungeon will be marked on your map)

6) Return the materials to Gerti in Ked Bardu

Now that you have all the materials needed, head back to Ked Bardu and speak to Gerti, which will end with the quest being completed.

Crucible of Worth Quest Rewards

After bringing back the materials to Gerti, the quest will be complete and you will receive the following rewards:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Raekor’s Valor
  • 30 Dry Steppes Renown


The Great Axe of Raekor was destroyed due to the recklessness of the Triune and stealing it from the Oxen Tribe was already an insult.

Since you were able to obtain all the necessary materials for the Great Axe, it has now been restored and although it may be different in appearance, it is just as effective.

Gerti has rewarded you with a new weapon that can use and has requested that if you ever encounter the Triune, you remind them of the Oxen Tribe’s strengths.

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