Diablo 4 Corroding Mettle Quest (Khada Location)

An old man named Siban in Ked Bardu is worried about his son, who has gone off to start their shop in Jirandai instead of staying with their father.

Siban has asked you to check up on them if ever you make your way to Jirandai to see how they are doing and make sure they are safe.

You will need to visit Jirandai and search for the brothers to see if they are successful or even alive after leaving their father.

Corroding Mettle (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Corroding Mettle Quest?

The Corroding Mettle side quest can be initiated by speaking with Siban, who can be found in Ked Bardu just outside of the building where your Stash and Wardrobe are located.

Corroding Mettle Objectives

1) Seek out Ordun and Khada in Jirandai

Ordun and Kahda are known to have gone to Jirandai to set up shop and you will need to make your way there to check up on them.

Once you reach Jirandai, you can find Ordun (marked on your map) and will need to speak with him to ask how they are doing.

2) Speak with Ordun

Speaking to Ordun will result in him feeling insulted and he will mention that Khada has gone off with his caravan to sell goods at a camp north of Jirandai. (He tells you you can check up on him there)

3) Find Khada’s Caravan

The location of the nearby camp will be on your map within a marked area and you will need to search for the caravan there.

4) Search for Khada nearby

Searching for Khada nearby

Upon reaching the location of the camp, you will find the caravan, which has been destroyed, and will need to search the nearby area for traces of Khada.

Within the area, you will find Khada’s Corpse and will need to interact with it, revealing that he has been killed by cannibals. (Chunks of him have been torn out)

5) Return to Ordun

You will need to head back to Jirandai to bring the ill news to Ordun, who becomes filled with grief after learning about his brother’s death. (The quest ends here)

Corroding Mettle Quest Rewards

Once you have found Khada’s Corpse and have reported what happened to Ordun, the quest will be complete and you will receive the following:


Siban was right to worry about his sons because Sanctuary is a dangerous place and it looks like Khada has suffered an ill fate.

Ordun thought that he and his brother would thrive without their father and admitted to pressuring Khada, making him believe that the death was his fault.

Now that Ordun knows about his brother, he is unsure what to do since this will be the second time he will break his father’s heart.

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