Reject the Mother Quest (Reject Lilith at the Secret Shrine)

Whilst traveling in the Abahru Canyon, you find a Torn Note that has been trampled into the dirt with writing about the rejection of Lilith on it.

It seems that someone has left behind a note instructing whoever reads it to reject Lilith, who is called the mother by her followers.

Being as it may that you are against Lilith, you set out to follow these instructions to find out what will happen once you reject the mother.

Reject the Mother Side Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Reject the Mother Quest?

You can find Reject the Mother Side Quest by heading to Tusmaa Rift, which is to the east of Ked Bardu in the Dry Steppes.

Once you enter the area, you should be able to see the Side Quest marker that indicates where you may begin. (Keep in mind you will have to progress in the campaign to reach the area required)

Reject the Mother ObjectivesReject Lilith at the secret shrine

1) Reject Lilith at the secret shrine

During the campaign, you will have fought a man named Genbar during the Whittling Sanity quest, which is where the secret shrine is located.

The location will be shown on your map and all you need to do is travel there to perform an emote to reject her.

Once you are at Lilith’s secret shrine, you will need to perform the “No” emote, which is equivalent to rejecting Lilith, which later causes a Heretic’s Cache to appear.

This is hinted as the note you read earlier states that you must shout “no Mother of mine”, thus making it necessary to use the emote.

2) Investigate the Heretic’s Cache

Upon opening the Heretic’s Cache, random loot will drop from it and this will cause the Reject the Mother quest to be complete.

Reject the Mother Quest Rewards

Opening the Hidden Chest will complete the Reject the Mother quest, which will reward you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • 30 Hawezar Renown


Rejecting the Mother is an easy thing to do, especially if you are set out to kill her and the rewards are not too bad as you get a huge drip of Hawezar Renown.

It looks like whoever left the note must have hated her to write something down and leave it there for others to read.

Although this may have been someone who was against Lilith, it is unsure what happened to them as the note seems to have been trampled.

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