Traveler’s Superstition (Solve the Note’s Riddle) Diablo 4

While traveling in the Rotspill Delta of Hawezar, you stumble upon a strange note with a Traveler’s Superstition ritual described on it.

It mentions paying respects to someone and that there will be boons received for those who acknowledge this.

You will now need to head over to see if what the traveler has written is true and find out if you will also get a reward for following the superstition.

Traveler's Superstition (Side Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get Traveler’s Superstition Quest?

The Traveler’s Superstition Side Quest can be started by interacting with the Hastily Scrawled Note at Bosun’s Woe in the Rotspill Delta.

The Hastily Scrawled Note can be found to the north of Backwater in the Rotspill Delta, which is located in Hawezar.

Traveler’s Superstition ObjectivesSolve the note’s riddle

1) Solve the note’s riddle

The quest requires that you solve the note’s riddle, which reads “Pay your respects to her, and she will see you safely on your way. Ignore her, and suffer the fate of these poor fools.”

This is a hint to the nearby statue, which seems to have punished those who have passed by and ignored her, which has sealed their fate.

To pay your respects to the statue, you simply need to use the “Hello” emote when you are near the statue, which will cause a Hidden Chest to appear.

2) Investigate the Hidden Chest

Once the Hidden Chest has appeared, you will need to interact with it, which will cause elixirs to drop from it. (We got Weak Third Eye Elixir and Iron Skin Elixir)

The dropped elixirs may vary based on your level and may have a random drop rate from a pool of elixirs but these are meant to be the boon that the note reads as “she will see you safely on your way.”

Traveler’s Superstition Quest Rewards

Opening the Hidden Chest will complete the Traveler’s Superstition quest, which will reward you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • 20 Hawezar Renown


The person who wrote the note near the statue must have been off in a hurry after receiving their gifts from the statue but it looks like their superstition was correct.

It turns out that the statue indeed has a powerful presence, which has provided you with rewards just by paying your respects.

Unfortunately for those who ignored it, they did not only receive boons but instead, they suffered a terrible fate in the end.

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