Diablo 4 Ill Tidings Quest Walkthrough

You previously helped Lorath reacquire his belongings and have now split up, leaving you to head to the Cathedral of Light alone.

Lorath has instructed you to report to the Cathedral of Light as they may be valuable allies in the fight against the Daughter of Hatred.

You must now make your way to the Cathedral and seek out Reverend Mother Prava to see what needs to be done next.

Ill Tidings Campaign Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Ill Tidings Quest?

Ill Tidings quest becomes available after you have completed the Missing Pieces quest, which was part of the prologue.

Ill Tidings Quest ObjectivesSpeak with Reverend Mother Prava

1) Travel to the Cathedral of Light

Following where you left off from the Missing Pieces quest, you will need to make your way to the Cathedral of Light, which is marked on your map.

2) Enter the Cathedral of Light

Upon reaching the cathedral, you will need to interact with the large door to open it before you can proceed inside.

3) Speak with Reverend Mother Prava

Once you reach Reverend Mother Prava, you will need to wait for her to finish talking to Iosef before interacting with her.

This will begin a cutscene where she finishes up with Iosef before the two of you talk about the situation at hand regarding Lilith.

She tells you about a certain Knight named Vigo who is looking into a demon sighting in Yelesna, which is where you will need to go next.

4) Take Vigo’s Report

Before you make your way to Yelesna, Reverend Mother Prava will tell you to take the report that is on the altar behind her, which will later end the quest.

Ill Tidings Rewards

Once you have picked up Vigo’s Report, the quest will be complete, rewarding you with XP and Gold based on your current character level.

This also begins the Tarnished Luster campaign quest, which has you continue by searching for Vigo by heading to Yelesna.


It seems that Reverend Mother Prava was not too shocked with the news about Lilith and there has already been some activity going on.

There have been reports of missing Knights around Yelesna and Vigo is currently investigating demon sightings in the area.

You will now need to catch up to Vigo to see what he knows and figure out where to go once you meet him there.

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