Diablo 4 Tarnished Luster Quest Walkthrough

You have previously made your way to the Cathedral of Light where you met with Reverend Mother Prava, who was occupied with Iosef.

The two of you discussed the matters of Lilith and demon sightings before you were instructed to find a knight named Vigo.

Your first destination will be Yelesna, where you will need to figure out where Vigo is by heading to the Knight Garrison.

Tarnished Luster Campaign Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Tarnished Luster Quest?

Tarnished Luster Campaign Quest becomes available once you have completed the Ill Tidings quest, where you previously reported to the Cathedral of Light.

Tarnished Luster Quest ObjectivesSpeak with Captain Ankers at Knights Garrison

1) Travel to Yelesna

Once the quest begins, you will need to make your way to Yelesna and you can do this by walking or teleporting if you have already unlocked the Waypoint there.

2) Enter the Knights Garrison

Upon your arrival at Yelesna, you will need to make your way to the Knights Garrison and open the door which will allow you to enter.

3) Speak with Captain Ankers

You will need to speak with Captain Ankers, who will tell you about a child who has been bothering the man about the demon sighting.

He informs you that Vigo is investigating the child’s claims and can be found at the mining camp just to the north of Yelesna.

During the dialogue, he also mentions that a whole escort of Knights has gone missing, which may mean that the child was not making things up.

After speaking with Captain Ankers, the quest will come to an end, and you will now set off to search for Vigo at the mining camp.

Tarnished Luster Rewards

After you have spoken to Captain Ankers, the Tarnished Luster quest will be complete, and you will receive XP along with Gold based on your current level.

This will begin the next quest called The Knight and the Magpie, which has you continue by searching the nearby mining camp for Vigo.


It seems that Captain Ankers is aware of the situation but by the looks of it, he believes that the child is a nuisance and may be making things up.

This does not add up though as the claim of a demon sighting along with the missing escort of Knights could mean that something has happened.

You will need to find out what has happened by looking for Vigo and checking out what he knows once you get to the mining camp.

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