Diablo 4 Faith in Blood Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

Upon returning to Kyovashad sometime later after a few of the quests that involve exorcisms with Sister Octavia, a man named Petr gets your attention.

As you approach and speak to the man, he explains that a mutual friend (Sister Octavia) requires your help before he leads you to her.

It appears that throughout her journey of helping those who are possessed by demons, she has left herself vulnerable and has become a victim as well.

Faith in Blood (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Faith in Blood Quest?

The Faith in Blood quest becomes available when you are in Kyovashad again but requires that you have completed the previous side quests led by Sister Octavia.

Once you arrive at Kyovashad, you will notice a man named Petr whispering to you and interacting with him, which begins the side quest.

Faith in Blood Objectives

1) Enter the Ominous Cellar

Once you have finished speaking to Petr, you will need to head to the Ominous Cellar which is shown by a nearby marker.

2) Speak with Sister Octavia

Upon entering the Ominous Cellar, you will see Sister Octavia at a table and will need to speak with her to find out what is needed.

3) Speak with Priest Matvey

Sister Octavia has instructed you to obtain a chalice, which needs to be done by speaking to Priest Matvey in Margrave.

4) Fill the chalice with Bandit blood

After speaking with Priest Matvey, you will have the chalice and will now need to find Bandits in the marked location and slay them.

5) Return to Priest Matvey

Once you have filled the chalice, you will need to speak with Matvey, who will instruct what you will need to do next.

6) Place a piece of pyre wood in the chalice

Priest Matvey has instructed you to take a piece of the pyre wood and place it into the chalice, which can be done by interacting with the pyre.

7) Return to Kvera’s Home

Once you have everything you need, make your way back to Kyovashad and head for the Ominous Cellar to begin the exorcism.

8) Return to Kvera’s Home

Speak with Petr so that you can continue with the side quest and he will be glad that you have arrived and will be helping out.

9) Enter the Ominous Cellar

The Ominous Cellar will be open once you return and you can simply make your way inside to help Sister Octavia.

10) Rejoin Petr

Petr will go ahead and make the necessary preparations, which leaves you to head into the next room and begin them.

11) Begin the Exorcism

To start the exorcism, you will need to interact with the chalice that Petr has placed down and this will immediately affect Sister Octavia.

12) Slay the Carvers

Carvers will begin to spawn during the exorcism and you will need to slay them before you can proceed with the exorcism.

13) Continue the exorcism

After slaying the Carvers that previously arrived, the chalice may be interacted with again to continue the exorcism.

14) Finish the Exorcism

When the time is right, you can interact with the chalice to later finish the ritual, which will force the demon that had taken over 

15) Slay Demotah

Slaying Demotah

Demota will emerge from an area nearby and you will need to defeat it to put a stop to his hold on Sister Octavia.

16) Speak with Sister Octavia

Go ahead and speak to Sister Octavia and she will tell you that she is okay and commend you for doing well in banishing the demon.

17) Meet Sister Octavia outside

Sister Octavia has instructed you to meet her outside and will go on ahead and wait for you, which requires that you talk to her after leaving the Ominous Cellar.

18) Speak with Sister Octavia

Once you have left the Ominous Cellar, you can talk to Sister Octavia just outside and she will thank you for your help, which later ends the side quest.

Faith in Blood Quest Rewards

After bringing the 15 Ghoul Hearts to Olesia, the Faith in Blood quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • 30 Fractured Peaks Renown
  • Sister Octavia’s Prayer Book (Rare Focus)

Additionally, completing Faith in Blood will complete the Malady of the Soul challenge.


It seems that not even Sister Octavia was safe from the demon but this is most likely because she left herself unchecked trying to help others.

She was right to call upon you for help in the previous exorcisms as you were able to learn and apply everything when the time called for it.

The demon known as Demotah has been stopped once and for all and Sister Octavia was lucky enough to survive the ordeal.

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