Diablo 4 Shattered Tribute Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

While venturing into the Fractured Peaks, you may come across the Bear Tribe Refuge, and speaking to Sena will have you requesting an audience with their chieftain.

Sena does not approve though and this is because you need to prove you are worthy to speak to their chieftain which can be proven by slaying their enemies.

You will need to set out to hunt the kharza of the Ice Clan, who appears to be stalking the mountain, which is considered a threat to their tribe.

Shattered Tribute (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Shattered Tribute Quest?

You may begin the Shattered Tribute side quest once you have reached the Bear Tribe Refuge in the Fractured Peaks.

This will begin once you speak to Sena and request an audience with their chieftain, which results in the quest beginning after your conversation.

Shattered Tribute Objectives

1) Collect Ice Clan Bones (25)

Collecting Ice Clan Bones (25)

After speaking with Sena, you will need to obtain Ice Clan Bones, which drop from Khazra of the Ice Clan in the Hoarfrost Demise.

You can reach the area by following the marker on your map and will need to go inside to slay the Ice Clan monsters within.

It is not necessary to complete the dungeon itself as this is optional and once you have 25 Ice Clan Bones in total, you may return to Sena.

2) Return to Sena

Sena will be waiting for you to return and you will need to head back to the Bear Tribe Refuge to turn in the Ice Clan Bones.

You will need to head back (teleporting will save you time) and speak to Sena, which will complete the side quest.

Shattered Tribute Quest Rewards

After obtaining 25 Ice Clan Bones and returning them to Sena, the quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Leather Cache


The Bear Tribe Refuge seems to be what is left of their tribe and the Ice Clan Khazras are one of the threats to their people.

Not only have you reduced the threat to the tribe, but you have also proven your worth and have gained their trust and respect.

For some reason, the Ice Clan Bones is considered a worthy offering to them, which has made you somewhat a part of them now.

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