Diablo 4 Hammer of the Champion Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

The Bear Tribe requires your help because the chieftain’s champion known as Baltok has been slain and his fabled weapon remains in their possession.

As embarrassed as he is, Greganoch is hoping that you can restore the spirits of those in the Bear Tribe by reacquiring the weapon that Baltok had with him.

You will need to head to a Khazra-infested dungeon and fight your way through enemies as you search for the famous Grizzly’s Maul.

Hammer of the Champion (Side Quest) D4

How To Get Hammer of the Champion Quest?

You can start the Hammer of the Champion side quest by speaking to Greganoch, who can be found in the Bear Tribe Refuge in the Fractured Peaks.

Keep in mind that the Rimescarf Cavern dungeon needs to be explored, which requires you first conquer the Malnok Stronghold.

Hammer of the Champion Objectives

1) Enter the Rimescar Cavern and acquire the Grizzly’s Maul

Entering the Rimescar Cavern and acquiring the Grizzly’s Maul in D4

First things first, you will need to make sure that you have conquered the Malnok Stronghold before you can even enter the Rimescar Cavern.

If you have not conquered the Stronghold yet, you can do so by checking for its location, which should now be revealed to you after obtaining the side quest.

Once you are inside the Rimescar Cavern, you will need to continue fighting your way through enemies until you come across Impaled Champion Baltok.

You will need to interact with the impaled body of the chieftain’s former champion and this will cause the Grizzly’s Maul to drop on the ground. (Go ahead and pick it up)

2) Return the Grizzly’s Maul to Greganoch

Now that you have the Grizzly’s Maul, you have two choices regarding what you can do from this point, which is to complete the dungeon or teleport back.

Whichever you have chosen, you will need to head back to the Bear Tribe Refuge and speak with Greganoch again to complete the quest.

Hammer of the Champion Quest Rewards

After returning the Grizzly’s Maul to Greganoch, the Hammer of the Champion side quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Grizzly’s Maul


It is a shame that the chieftain’s champion did not survive but the good thing is that you have restored the hopes of the Bear Tribe by bringing back their fabled weapon.

Tradition requires that the Grizzly’s Maul be passed to a new champion and Greganoch has decided that your valiant efforts to clear Malnok have made you worthy.

Not only have you built up the Bear Tribe’s fighting spirit, but you also get a new powerful weapon, making you their new champion.

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