Diablo 4 The Beast’s Challenge Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

As you drop by the Bear Tribe Refuge, Greganoch tells you about a certain Khazra that they have given the name Kauller the Collector.

He tells you how this creature tends to hunt down members of their tribe and that it feasts on the bodies of its victims.

This has appeared as a challenge to the Bear Tribe and Greganoch has sent you in their stead to take on the beast to bring back its head to be mounted as a trophy.

The Beast's Challenge (Side Quest) D4

How To Get The Beast’s Challenge Quest?

The Beast’s Challenge will begin once you ask Greganoch about the trophies that have been mounted behind him.

After explaining about the trophies and mentioning Kauller the Collector, the quest will begin and you can hunt down the beast.

The Beast’s Challenge Objectives

1) Find Kauller the Collector

Once the quest begins, an area to the north of the Bear Tribe Refuge will be marked and you will need to search for Kauller the Collector.

He can be found to the northwest of Hoarfrost Demise and will begin attacking you once you get within range of him and his minions.

2) Claim the Head of Kauller the Collector

Claim the Head of Kauller the Collector

You will need to slay Kauller the Collector and once he is defeated, you will be able to pick up the Head of Kauller by interacting with the dropped item.

3) Speak with Greganoch

After picking up the Head of Kauller, you will need to bring it back to Greganoch by speaking with him at the Bear Tribe Refuge.

4) Mount the Head of Kauller

Once you have reported back to Greganoch, he will instruct you to mount the Head of Kauller with the rest of the trophies behind him. (This completes the quest)

The Beast’s Challenge Quest Rewards

After bringing back the Head of Kauller and mounting it with the other trophies, The Beast’s Challenge side quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Salvage Cache


Kauller the Collector may have been a tyrant to the Bear Tribe but in the end, he was still no match for someone like you.

You have taken back the Head of Kauller and have mounted it as a trophy, which shows both friends and foes who have killed the beast.

Another enemy of the Bear Tribe has been taken out and that’s one less horror for them to think about when they are out in the field.

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